Apple Reportedly Planning iPhone SE 2 for July 2018

iPhone SE 2017

Apple is planning an updated iPhone SE 2 for July of 2018, according to China Economic News (via CNBC). Citing unnamed sources, the publications said the device may be priced at $450 and be aimed at emerging markets.

iPhone SE 2017
Apple’s 2017 iPhone SE Line

Firstly, let’s take a tangential look at a translation of the wonderful first sentence of CEN’s report:

Apple will release a new iPhone SE 2 in the first half of next year to storm emerging markets and ignite the first battle of next year’s ‘machine war’ between Apple and non-Apple.

“Storm,” “ignite,” “battle,” “machine war.” That’s some good stuff, and kudos to Google Translate for a coherent translation.

iPhone SE 2

iPhone SE is a 4-inch smartphone Apple designed for a lower-end of the market than its larger devices. It also addresses that segment of the developed world that prefers a smaller smartphone.

The report said iPhone SE 2 would remain a 4-inch device with Touch ID. There could be two sizes, 32GB and 128GB, and the article used the term “may be priced at about $450.”

iPhone SE currently starts at $349, and CEN’s language leaves room to wonder if the $450 price is accurate. It could pertain to a starting price, the high end model, or even be a quirk of translation. In that iPhone SE is a key device for India, in particular, I’d be surprised if Apple raised the starting price by a $100. $350 is a lot of money for the Indian market.

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  • Hit Reply Too fast.

    The pcs is actually coming from Taiwan and Wistron more then anything else.
    Wistron will become the sole ODM for iPhone SE2, made exclusively in India. Mostly because iPhone SE2, assuming no significant change in design is now largely automated and much easier to assemble then all other iPhone.
    $450 is the Starting price in Apple China for iPhone SE, which include import and sales tax. So naturally what the paper was suggesting it will be kept with the same price.

    I wonder on a few things though. Given Apple is now making their own GPU, I wonder if they will update their iPhone SE will A11 as well. Much like what happen when it was released with iPhone 6S. Or it will be a cut down version of A11 using 7nm, along with A11x on iPad being the Pipe cleaner for A12.

    Or If the rumours where Intel is confident of Fabbing for Apple, such chip where cut down version of A11 along with Integrated modem from Intel would make sense in where cost and space is an issue.

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