In a report that bonus AR content may be coming to Apple TV+, there was also speculation that the free trial program will continue beyond the service’s first year. However, the free trial period will be for less than the current offer of 12 months. It’s part of an ongoing package aiming to turn free users into paying ones and bring in new customers too.

Extending Apple TV+ Free Trial Makes Sense

Extending the free trial period makes sense. While there have been a few breakout hits on Apple TV+, it still languishes behind its rivals in terms of subscriber numbers and available content. This has not been helped by the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic has meant serious disruption to film and delays on releases. At this moment in time, Apple just needs as many sign-ups as possible to show users the value of the service and keep top talent making the content for it. If Apple has to let a few more people watch for free for a little while longer that will probably pay off in the long run.

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