Central Park, from Bob’s Burger creator Loren Bouchard, is the latest addition to the Apple TV+. An animated, musical-comedy, it is quite the gear shift for the streaming service.

Central Park Family

First Two Episodes of ‘Central Park’ on Apple TV+

The first two episodes of Central Park are now available, and they are good fun. They begin to tell the story of Owen (Leslie Odom Jr.), who manages the famous New York City landmark, and his family. The setup is that following the disappearance of her dog, series baddie Bitsy (Stanley Tucci) looks to buy Central Park. The tale is narrated by ‘Birdie’ voiced by, Josh Gad of Book of Mormon fame.

The two currently available episodes are a fun diversion, full of daft songs and comedic quirks. We have daughter Paige crushing on random guys in the park and drawing cartoons, forever awkward son Cole (Titus Burgess), and Mom, Paige (Kathryn Hahn) trying to giver her journalism career a boost. In the background is Bitsy’s maid Helen (David Diggs), is clearly plotting herself.

As you can see, it is a high-quality cast. Mr. Gad has described it as “the Avengers of musicals,” which rather sums it up. There are a host of big names, and while not all the songs are great but the ones that are will stick in your head for a long time.

Since its launch, Apple TV+ has focussed on dramas with big stars and bigger budgets. Central Park, meanwhile, is not groundbreaking, but it’s silly and fun. And amongst all the glitz of The Morning Show and Defending Jacob, that’s probably exactly what Apple TV+ needs.

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