One of Elon Musk’s many world-changing companies is The Boring Company. He posted a video on Instagram of a test run of a sled designed to transport cars at 125 miles per hour, and it’s remarkable.

It’s also going to induce nausea or motion sickness to anyone susceptible to that. MORE IMPORTANTLY, IT COULD INDUCE A SEIZURE DUE TO THE STROBE-LIKE EFFECT OF THE LIGHTS IN THE TUNNEL.

Therefore, watch at your own risk, please.

From Mr. Musk’s post:

[Warning, this may cause motion sickness or seizures] This is a test run of our electric sled that would transport cars at 125 mph (200 km/h) through the tunnels, automatically switching from one tunnel to the next. Would mean Westwood to LAX in 5 mins.

Here’s the Instagram post:

The Boring Company

The Boring Company was founded only in 2016 with the intent of learning how to take our transportation system from the 2D to the 3D. That means going underground. More specifically, they’re trying to advance tunnel-building techniques so that they become fast enough to be more practical and cheaper.

A Better Look at What Elon Musk is Talking About

Let’s get a bird’s eye perspective on this video. The Westwood mentioned by Mr. Musk is the Westwood/Rancho Park Station, part of the Metro Rail system in Los Angeles. On surface streets, 11 miles separates those two locations. Because we’re talking about Los Angeles, that’s a 25 minute trip, and that’s without traffic.

Here’s what that looks like on Apple Maps.

Apple Maps route of driving from Westwood Station to LAX.

Apple Maps route of driving from Westwood Station to LAX.

Better yet, it’s a 1 hour and 8 minute trip by transit.

Mr. Musk says his Boring Company (lolnerdhumor) tunnel could do it in 5 minutes.

[Via TheVerge]

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I have to say, just my personal view, but the day Elon Musk shares something that isn’t hypothetical nonsense is the day I’ll take him seriously. When did technology become synonymous with conjecture? Science fiction has a second part to its phrasing, and I am just in awe that people fund this caca. : /