The First Few Days With a 2019 10.2″ iPad

New 2019 iPad

Over the weekend, I picked up a new 10.2″ iPad. I hadn’t owned an iPad, or any tablet, for a while, and there are a few features on this device that immediately stand out.

New 2019 iPad

Ease of Setup

Setting up the new iPad could hardly have been easier. As the device comes to life and you log in to your iCloud account for the first time, it asks you to place your iPhone next to it. All the apps and data that sync across without you having to do anything. Of course, you can then customize your device’s home screen as you wish.

Display Quality

No surprise, but the display is beautiful. It makes watching videos, reading, and browsing photos on the iPad an absolute joy. I love reading the magazines from Apple News+ on it – they look and feel almost like paper magazines. I might not want to watch a three-hour epic movie on it, but for most things, it provides an adequate screen real estate.

Sidecar – Using Your iPad as a Secondary Display

Sidecar is an outstanding tool. It means you can connect your Mac to your iPad and use it as a secondary display. The trackpad, keyboard, and software, etc from your Mac all run on the iPad, and you can jump between the two seamlessly. You can either mirror your main display or have the two devices set up as separate displays.

[Unboxing the 2019 10.2″ iPad]

Overall, I have found doing most day-to-day functions like reading articles, writing, photo editing and sending emails fantastically easy on the iPad. It is not a Mac replacement by any means – it does not have the horsepower for that – but it provides meaningful flexibility into my daily workflow.

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