‘Fraggle Rock’, Peanuts – Why Kids’ Shows Matter to Apple TV+

Fraggle rock

It’s been a week since the reboot of Fraggle Rock premiered on Apple TV+. The return of the beloved brand underlined how important childrens’ programming has become to the service. We’ve seen a host of Snoopy and Peanuts content, alongside the likes of HelpstersEl Deafo and Hello Jack! The Kindness Show. Apple TV+ is emphasizing all this with an in-ap ‘collection’ too, which brings together a host of family-friendly content.

Apple TV+ Cares About Those Not Paying The Bill

This all makes sense in the context of Cupertino’s plan for the service. Tom Harrington, Head of Television at Enders Analysis, told The Mac Observer that “the content strategy of Apple TV+ is becoming clearer. It’s high quality, highly curated, brand-safe programming for all age groups.” Rival Netflix, with its far larger subscriber base, is “happier to sail closer to the wind” and has its “greatest emphasis in terms of content…on targeting the account payer.” He said that “Apple TV+ is more akin to Disney+ with regard to proportionate distribution of programming across the age groups,” although Apple TV+ lacks the volume.

“Given that the ‘point’ of Apple TV+ is more about brand building than the pure sale or retention of subscriptions, it makes sense to put resources behind content that appeals to those that aren’t paying, or those most likely to watch,” Mr. Harrington added. It’s hard to give up a subscription to a service if your kid’s favorite show is on it!

Newness and Nostalgia

With something like Fraggle Rock: Return to the Rock and the Peanuts holiday special there’s a nostalgia element that can satisfy the adults in the room too. The new Fraggle Rock episodes are charming, high-quality kids’ television. They keep things those who originally watched the show would recognize while making it more modern. Snoopy in Space was one of the first things that ever appeared on apple TV+ and is also lovely.  This all helps explain why, at the time of this writing, it’s the only real area where Apple TV+ has purchased back catalog – Peanuts holiday specials, original episodes of Fraggle Rock. It also explains why childrens’ television will remain important to Apple TV+ as it continues to try and build up its subscription base and compete against its big-name rivals.

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