It’s Going to Be a Fun But Expensive Autumn/Holidays for Apple Products

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Better start saving now because if you plan to acquire all of Apple’s new autumn and holiday products, it’s gonna cost.

Of course, I’m being playful here. Not everyone buys all of Apple’s new products when they come out, especially when they’re clustered into a few months. And then there’s the family effect. That is, various family members may or may not need upgrades all in sync. That can magnify or reduce the burden.

But enough of the caveats. Let’s look at how much it’ll cost just one person to indulge in Apple’s delicious new treats from September to December.

bactrack apple watch

Can it get any better? Yes it can. A lot.

1. Apple Watch Series 3. [Likely]. Let’s call it US$400 for a new aluminum Apple Watch with an LTE radio system. The original Series 0 started shipping in April of 2015. And so, with new features, including direct internet access, possibly a new form factor and watchOS 4 features to exploit the new hardware, there will be serious temptation for many owners to upgrade to a new Apple Watch. Blood glucose measurement would seal the deal as a must have.

Reinvent home music with HomePod

The new HomePod looks good and should sound gorgeous.

2. HomePod [Certain] $349. While the AirPods are still in short supply and don’t meet everyone’s needs, the Apple HomePod looks to be a killer product in good supply. Great sound. Siri interface. iOS-based security. Access to 40 milllion songs. It’ll be the perfect Christmas gift too. I know I want one.

iPhone 8 size comparison with iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

New rendering shows iPhone 8 size compared to iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Small bezel. Glorious OLED display.

3. iPhone 8. [Certain—except for the name] The rumor mill is in full swing, but we’re pretty certain it’ll have a glorious OLED display and a very small bezel. I won’t go into all the rumors, well covered elsewhere. It’ll be a bit more expensive than usual, but likely not $1400. Let’s call it $1100 for 128 MB storage. And that doesn’t include AppleCare+. That’s a big hit on the credit card, but it’ll also be the hottest item of the decade because it’ll be the 10th anniversary iPhone.. Apple won’t let us forget that.

Apple TV (4th Generation)

Apple TV (4th Generation) needs a better remote, better industrial design, 4K, HDR10, Dolby Vision, HLG.  We may get it.

4. Apple TV 5th Generation, 4K/UHD/HDR. [Likely]. Excellent sleuthing suggests this is finally coming, with full HDR suport, and the holidays will be the perfect time to release it. That’s when the 4K/UHD TVs go on sale big time. Because it will require new hardware to support H.265/HEVC decompression and the Dolby Vision chip (with attendant licensing fee), get ready for a jump in price from $199 on the high end to at least $249. For that much money, it better look really great. Please?

iPad Pro 2017 Product Line

iPad Pro 10.5- and 12.9-inch. Fabulous presents for the holidays.


Of course if you or a family member has their eye on a new 10.5-inch or 12.9-inch iPad Pro, that’s going to cost the better of $1000 when all is said and done. And then, I shouldn’t omit the new, amazing iMac Pro that will ship in December starting at $4999. But that’s carrying things a bit far, so let’s just focus on the four basics above.

Adding it All Up

Adding up all the above four core items, in an Apple autumn extravaganza, comes to $2098. And that’s without AppleCare or sales tax. As I said in the intro, these items won’t be shipped all at once or purchased by the average Apple customer at the same time. But, it’s great to know that Apple has all these nifty items waiting for us very soon. I can feel my credit card beginning to melt.

Apple is on a roll again.

Feels good.

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John: Agreed, this could be an expensive holiday season. That said, I suspect that many will plan ahead and space certain purchases out and/or opt for contracts that allow for other purchases, like iPhones and iPads, to be paid over time (deferred or protracted pain, depending on one’s wallet). Much will also depend on perceptions of added value. Word is getting around about the new iPad Pros, and for many users, that is moving them to want an upgrade. The same will likely play into purchases for other items, even if these are simply reviews by previewers and early adopters… Read more »


I may be getting too old-school for this stuff. I still consider the core to be a Mac (preferably a laptop), an iPhone, and an iCloud account — maybe an iPad and Apple Music as well. Would you (or, more importantly, customers) think of a Apple Watch or a HomePod as a core item? These are great peripherals, and I’m likely to buy them as soon as they’re out, but I have trouble thinking of them as central to the Apple experience. I do consider the Apple TV to be a core product for my own purposes — all of… Read more »

Lee Dronick

A new Apple Watch is in my plans for Christmas, an maybe also a new Apple TV.