The iOS App Store Launched on This Day in 2008

Steve Jobs introduces the App Store in 2008

The iOS App Store first launched on July 10, 2008. It, therefore, turns 13 today!

iOS App Store Turns 13

The iOS App Store was announced as part of the iPhone 3G event and introduced by then CEO Steve Jobs (pictured above). The device itself was released a day later – July 11, 2008 – with the App Store pre-loaded. Prior to launch, developers had had to make web apps for the iPhone. Amongst the first items to become available following the change were MLB At Bat, The New York Times, and eBay. They were alongside games and products like Travelocity.

As is so often the case, its teenage years are likely to be tumultuous for the iOS App Store. It is under more scrutiny than ever before across the world. Regulatory authorities in the EU and the UK are amongst those looking into antitrust issues related to it. For many developers though, the App Store is a key way of getting their product to users. Whatever you think about the cut Apple takes or the fact it’s the only way users can only download software, it’s hard to imagine the iPhone without it.

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