The iOS Home Screen Grid of Apps Doesn’t Need Changing

iOS Home screen grid

Home Screen Management

The management of the position of the apps is another matter entirely. Here is where Apple could do something to make life better on the iOS device itself. Especially iPads thanks to the larger displays.

For starters, one can easily edit the positions of the apps, select what screens they appear on, drag screen around and create news ones in iTunes. Here’s Apple’s technote tutorial. (iTunes > Device > Apps) The problem is that Apple has done many things to make the iPhone independent of the Mac. For example, iCloud backup and OTA updates of iOS. With that philosophy in mind, why not introduce the iTunes editing power to the iPhone itself? The CPU/GPUs in the latest iPhones certainly have the horsepower.

iTunes app management
iTunes is a powerful home screen and app manager. Image credit: Apple.

For example, Apple could implement the iTunes code right into iOS, likely in landscape mode, and allow the same kind of wholesale editing of app positions, page reordering, new pages, etc. right on the 4.7- or 5.5-inch displays. I have no doubt that’s on the product manager’s whiteboard of Things to Do. Perhaps the small size of the iPhone SE display has led to a design decision to still let iTunes still do the heavy lifting. Decisions, decisions.

No Moles Here

Apple has some pretty good UI and UX designers. My guess is that, all things considered, they feel right now that there’s no need to change what works, what’s intuitive, what’s simple and reliable. I’ve never seen a blogger come up with an absolutely brilliant substitute that is obviously better and meets the needs of all Apple’s users. So, for now, nothing is going to change.

No moles to whack.

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You couldn’t be more wrong! I absolutely hate the fact that my phone is clearly designed for an elderly person with bad eyesight or morbidly obese person with 1″ diameter fat sausage fingers. Also, I do not need to see the text-names below the app icons, I know what friggin’ apps I have because they have little PICTURES and I have a good memory! And why should I have to have 6 screens of apps when I can comfortable fit twice as many on each screen? With Cydia I can change the layout to 5×8, 6×10 or more, and guess… Read more »


@pdm32 Thurrott the tech blogger who never understood Apple and never will, Apple would be bankrupt if they listened to him.


You are correct that the notion of a home screen of apps does not need changing. What needs changing is the idea of saved app positions on the screen. For example, when you have to restore an iPhone or iPad or replace it with a new device, you should not only be able to download the apps that were previously downloaded on that former device, but also that the apps arrange themselves in the order that you last put them in saving hours of work recreating folders and moving apps into specific positions. A feature like that would reduce a… Read more »

I think the ability of an App Drawer to remove all Apps or folders from the home screen would be great. For example on my Mac I have a dock that I can hide and launch center with all my apps. Additionally a task bar at the top showing me information. Again not what I see in iOS. Two completely different thoughts.