iPhone X: Get Ready for Much More Like It From Now On

iPhone X line up

There have been questions about the success of the iPhone X and what that means for the future iPhone product mix. Now we can see the way forward.

iPhone X.
Beamed from the future. And a winner.

Here’s the point. If the iPhone had been a relative failure, we might see the fall 2017 iPhone rollout as an aberration. One could imagine Apple going back to the tried and true with a launch of an iPhone 9 series later this year.

Now, after Apple’s Q1-2018 Earnings Report, we can surmise that’s not going to happen. Here are a few key comments made during the earnings call.

  1. The iPhone Average Sellings Price (ASP) went from US$695 last year to $796.
  2. Tim Cook pointed out that the driver this quarter in Apple revenue growth was the iPhone.
  3. The iPhone X was Apple’s #1 selling iPhone every week, from the launch in November through January.
  4. Tim Cook said that the iPhone X would “set the standard” for the next decade.

The Big Analyst Question

So when Mike Olson of Piper Jaffray asked his jackpot question, we could more or less guess:

  1. Tim Cook wouldn’t answer directly.
  2. But we can still see the hand writing on the wall.

Here it is:

Olson: When you think conceptually about the path for iPhone X style devices going forward, is there any reason the roadmap wouldn’t consist of multiple device as we’ve seen with past iPhone upgrades?

In other words, will there be multiple different kinds of iPhones in the future, like the iPhone 8 and iPhone X? Cook’s response was non-commital, but he ended with:

Cook: … as we said at launch, we were setting up the next decade … that’s the reason it’s chock full of incredible innovation. So you can bet that we’re pulling that string.


I read this to mean what seems obvious. The iPhone 8 pair is the end of the line for the old technologies. While there still may be a mix of iPhones when it comes to LCD or OLED displays, it looks like a sure bet that the full lineup of iPhones in the fall of 2018 will all be direct descendants of the iPhone X design and technologies, in some variation. As Fleetwood Mac sang: “Never Going Back Again.”

Touch ID, based on the stellar acceptance of the iPhone X, is dead by the vote of the #1 selling iPhone X for every week since launch. Apple hedged its bet in 2017 and won. The iPhone X has shown that customers love FaceID, the new gestures, and will pay handsomely for its technologies.

And that’s how Apple rolls.

5 thoughts on “iPhone X: Get Ready for Much More Like It From Now On

  • It seems that certain sections of the media would be down on Apple no matter what they do. It’s almost like a conspiracy. The x proved them wrong of course the notch didn’t matter, even the higher price didn’t make a difference. Now watch them scramble to copy the x with inferior hardware running an inferior os that is usually unupdateable. Roll on Christmas for the whole circus to start again.

  • When switching carries last weekend I went back and forth between the 8 and the X, and decided to take a chance with the X.
    Glad I did.
    It’s different, no doubt, than my 6. It took a day or so, and I began to appreciate the differences.
    My suspicion is that most negative comments about the X are made by folks that haven’t used it beyond a store demo, if at all.

    I like mine very, very much. In fact, I am spending more time using it than I did with my 6 when it was new. And I have a 7 provided for work.
    The screen really is all that, and I’m using the X for things I’d pretty much used my iPad for exclusively.
    It is, imho, the best iPhone yet.

  • Sigh. In my personal view, this is the first truly big misstep Apple has made post-Jobs. Nobody asked for any of this, and once the novelty wears off, its impracticality will be revealed, too. I doubt anyone at Apple will care much.

    1. “Nobody asked for any of this.” LOL. Apple built its business on products that “nobody asked for”. When Apple first released it, nobody asked for a personal computer. Or a GUI, or a mouse, or an ‘expensive’ hard drive digital music player, or a touch interface pocket phone/computer/internet device. Nobody asks for something they can’t imagine.

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