No New AirPods – What Else Wasn’t Announced at the iPhone 13 Event?

Tim Cook Intro iPhone 13 event

As ever in the lead up to a major Apple event, there were rumors and counter rumors as Tuesday’s ‘California Streaming’ approached. We were pretty confident that the iPhone 13 was on its way, along with the Apple Watch Series 7. And so it proved. However, many expected the third generation of AirPods, but that, and other products and features, made no appearance.

Third Generation AirPods Still to Come

There had been increasingly confident reports about the third generation of AirPods in the run-up to ‘California Streaming’. We were expecting a more Pro-like design, and perhaps some other features such as improved sound quality, but no noise cancellation. Instead, we heard nothing on the subject. There will no doubt be events later in the year unveiling new Macs and other products, so perhaps new AirPods will be released then.

No Satellite Calling in iPhone 13 Announced at Event

Another rumor doing the rounds was that the iPhone 13 would offer satellite connectivity, allowing those in danger to make emergency calls and send messages when there is no cellular signal. Again, there was no announcement of this at all.  A caveat, just because Apple doesn’t announce something on stage, that doesn’t necessarily mean the capability doesn’t exist. We’ve been hearing about Apple’s interest in this area since at least December 2019. Furthermore, teardowns have been known to reveal all sorts of components for potential future features. However, satellite calling seems too significant to exist and not be mentioned by Apple executives on the day people are really paying attention.

Apple Watch Series 7 – Not Rugged

The Apple Watch Series 7 was widely assumed to be on the way, and so it proved. It does not have the rumored body temperature or bloody pressure features we’d heard about prior to ‘California Streaming’. (See above caveat.) Nor is there a rugged model, although the new wearable does seem to be a bit sturdier than its predecessors.

Surprising Announcements

There were also some surprise announcements. Few were expecting a new iPad or iPad mini to be unveiled yesterday. It was thought this would happen later in the year.

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