Before we get started – SPOILER ALERT. This review of episode 10 of The Morning Show, and indeed season one as a whole, CONTAINS SPOILERS. (I tried to avoid it all my previous reviews, but there is no way of talking about the finale without spoilers.) It also contains references to drug misuse that could be distressing to some readers.

‘The Morning Show’ Goes Rogue

As is right and proper, the last episode of the first season is the most dramatic one of all. Every element of the previous nine episodes comes together in a high-tempo final hour. Corey’s plan to take over the network begins rolling. The interview with Mitch is all set up and ready to go, even though Chip has been fired. Bradley got Hannah to tell her story, and that’s what they needed.

Then Hannah overdoses and dies. Everything changes. The interview can no longer go ahead, Mitch, Fred, the UBA Network have blood on their hands.

The Morning Show team are obviously shaken by Hannah’s death, which they learn of shortly before going on air, and with a new EP in the control room. Bradley threatens to walk out and has to be persuaded back on air by Corey. The tension bursts out of the screen as she eventually sits down next to Alex and the show begins. But the presenters can take it no more. They tell the story of Fred’s behavior live on air.

The final sequence of Fred running down from his office to try and shut down the show and determinedly being locked out of the control room by The Morning Show crew is frantic and executed in excruciating, slow-motion detail. The shots of Hannah being zipped into a body bag whilst Bradley and Alex tell-all is haunting. As the UBA network cuts the broadcast, the last shot of the whole series is of Mitch, sitting, gaunt and cut after a fight with Chip. It is the right way to end. It showed the perpetrator has got some comeuppance but also makes us wonder what he will do next.

Improving Episode by Episode

I’ve really enjoyed this first season of The Morning Show. I think it has largely got better with each passing episode. The acting across the board has been excellent, and the production highly impressive. It’s not perfect –  there are still a view moments that feel cliched and stick a bit. This was though a bold show for Apple to make the flagship of Apple TV+. The expletive-filled language within the show and difficult issues it covered shows the company is prepared to take risks with Apple TV+ content. It all leaves me optimistic about what can be achieved in season two.

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