What’s Going on With Apple And NAB? (Updated)

NAB Show logo

There was some interest towards the end of July as it appeared that Apple would be attending the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show, starting October 9 in Las Vegas. The news was deemed significant as Apple had not been officially at the industry event for a decade. However, things changed quite quickly and now it seems that the company will not be going after all. (UPDATE August 6: The Mac Observer contacted NAB but at the time of this writing the organization is not commenting publicly on the situation with Apple.)

Apple Not Officially Attending NAB Show

Originally, Apple was listed on the NAB show’s website front page. Its return seemed to herald the company really placing itself at the core of content production. However, that listing is now gone. Indeed, Macworld reported that Apple itself had confirmed that its initial inclusion was a mistake. It’s intriguing to think about how such a public error could have come about.

Attending would have been a good way for Apple, as a relative newcomer, to play nice with existing key players in the industry. However, it would probably have had to do something big to make a real impact. The announcement of new TV+ content or Final Cut Pro updates can take place on its own terms.

Of course, even though Apple is no longer an official NAB Show attendee, that doesn’t mean key members of staff will not be in Las Vegas. The company can still get important business done without a booth or a presentation.

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