Why You Will Not ‘Subscribe’ Podcasts in iOS 14.5

Earlier this week, it emerged via PodNews that Apple will be changing the language in the Podcasts app in iOS 14.5. Users will no longer ‘Subscribe’ to a show after the update, they will ‘Follow’ it instead.

’Follow’ Not ‘Subscribe’ to Podcasts in iOS 14.5

Here is what it looks like in iOS 14.5. When you find a show you want, tap on the ‘…’ at the top and that tap follow.

A message then appears onscreen telling you you’re following your desired show.

Showing Apple Taking it Seriously Again

A large part of the reason for the change, according to Edison Research’s Tom Webster, is that people (it was 47 percent at the of the research,) think ‘subcribe’ means ‘pay’. This puts them off, even though in most cases you do not have to pay at all. I can see how in the age of multiple streaming services, (never mind Substack et al.,) that problem will have been exarcebated. That Apple is doing this proactively is another indication to me that, under pressure from rivals, the company is once again moving podcasts out of the realm of passion product and taking them seriously again.

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