With Apple TV+ About to Launch, Apple Looks Ready For Its Media Moment

Apple CEO Tim Cook and Apple TV+

Apple TV+ is mere days away from launching. You could understand it if there were some nerves around Apple Park. After all, the company has staked a lot on this move.

Apple CEO Tim Cook and Apple TV+

Slick Trailers and Glitzy Apple TV+ Premiers

What we outsiders have seen so far of Apple TV+ has been good. The trailers are slick. The premieres for For All Mankind, Dickinson and See, have been appropriately glitzy affairs. The stars have recently been making all the right, positive, noises. That had not always been this case. Previously, there haven complaints about Apple execs, who had no experience in media, including Tim Cook, interfering in production.

Apple’s decision to price the service competitively and give away a free subscription for a year with a new device will surely yield results in terms of retained subscribers.

Ready to Take on The Media World

I’ve been impressed by less obvious things too. Having a dedicated press page for all this content shows Apple is making its foray into the media seriously. Apple TV+ is not just another product but almost a business in its own right. It has the Apple branding and high standards, but it is separate from building iPhones and Macs.

The media is an unforgiving and competitive industry, but Apple is used to that. This is hardly a company that is afraid of a fight. Apple TV+ does not yet have the library to compete with its rivals, but already it has made positive strides in tying down big-name original shows for future series.

There will be enormous scrutiny on the November 1 launch, as there is with every Apple product rollout. From a rocky start, it looks now like Apple is ready to take on the media world.

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