Is Apple Going to Become the Biggest Gambling Company? 

In the world of online gambling, it is fair to say, with over half the world population owning a smartphone – there is a good chance that Apple would be at the top of the main providers of gambling apps. Users today across the world have an array of options compared to days when it was only casinos and betting shops. This does not mean that in-person gambling has been completely eradicated, it just means that a lot of companies have to adjust to the needs of online gambling users.

Drone footage shows nearly complete main building at Apple Park campus

The UK is the biggest regulated online gambling in the world, according to the Gambling Commission UK. Many big players such as Paddy Power and Betfair have iOS apps to accommodate this. A lot of the time online users are the younger demographic and are smartphone savvy, whereas loyal old-timers will be more prone to stick to playing in-house.

The UK is the biggest regulated online gambling market in the world

Reports show that the global gambling market is expected to reach revenues of over $525 billion by 2023. This certainly suggests that a lot of users are not shying away from playing a few rounds of online poker or slots. Since online gambling has made it easier for users to play from the comfort of their sofas, it is with no surprise that more and more people are trying out their luck on a few games. Some of the advantages of playing online are that it costs less in the long run with bets starting low, no deposits and the privacy factor. Many now, can hideaway with their smartphone, rather than risk being seen when visiting a local bettings shop.

A word of warning

To anyone new to online gambling or even for someone who enjoys letting off steam with a few spins, be cautious about how you spend your money online. It can be great fun to win a few games and take the winnings if you like to gamble. But consider no deposit cash as a viable option. This way you don’t lose what you put in but you have better chances of actually gaining more cash.

Apple: leaders in the smartphone market?

Apple has been a world leader when it comes to smartphones for many consecutive years. Being first to market with the revolutionary iPhone does not guarantee they are the last. In actual fact, the smartphone market share in 2019 shows that Samsung, paired with the Android operating system, has won the hearts of 20.25% of smartphone users in the world. In second place is Huawei, also Android-based, with 16.25%, and then Apple with 13%. It is surprising to see how much has changed over the years since the first iPhone. The reduced costs of Android phones in emerging markets such as Asia has made a significant impact.

Will Android trump iPhone?

Apple has strict rules about real money gambling. Since September 2019, Apple has rolled out a new regulation that states only native iOS gambling apps will be allowed to be downloaded from the App Store. This means that any new or existing gambling apps will have to be built natively rather than run on HTML5. Many apps will have to be rebuilt to comply with this new rule. It’s expected to hurt the industry since this could take months for companies to be up to scratch with the regulation., Heidi Allen, had comments on the possible impact Apple can have on the gambling industry: “This could have a big impact on people playing online casinos on the iPhone. Users may be more likely to stick with Android phones or play via the browser, circumnavigating the app store if they prefer playing from home.”

You can read more in the App Store Review Guidelines.

From native apps towards browser-based play

This most certainly does not mean the end of playing blackjack on your iPhone. In fact, a lot of web-based casinos and gambling portals still do not have a mobile application. So, you can still use their mobile-friendly version of their website on your smartphone.

What Apple is really trying to do is address the issue of having apps that include real-money transactions using HTML5 containers, as this they find is not regulated enough. It is fair to say that Apple is avoiding any potential future lawsuits with individuals who might have a gambling habit that could cost them a high debt or worse. The company is being understandably cautious when it comes to casinos and gambling apps.