Apple wants a piece of the gaming industry with its new MacBook Pro

It seems that the prayers of the Apple community have been answered. Apple has finally announced its new MacBook Pro with a 16-inch Retina display. The technical aspects of this new gorgeous hardware beat almost every previous version hands down, but just like with the previous versions, Apple is going to “target” a specific kind of consumer with this new product.

They may not say it out loud, but Apple is definitely going for the gamers with this new laptop. The “specs” are better than anything else that Apple has put in a MacBook before, and the upgrades that can be installed on this hardware are going to make mobile Mac gaming something to look forward to starting this year.

But why would Apple create such a strong piece of hardware? Is it even worth targeting gamers with a slightly more pricey laptop when there are other companies simply focusing on this very specific niche? Yes, there is a reason behind this, let’s figure it out.

The gaming industry is growing, meaning Mac users are shrinking

When we talk about gaming, we need to consider almost every single sector of this industry, but it’s quite clear that Apple is targeting AAA publishers. These publishers usually create games that require beefy hardware, something that MacBooks couldn’t necessarily handle in the past, even if they were designed to cater to power-users like 3D designers, Graphic designers, and even developers, but when it came to running taxing games it was simply too much.

The growth of publishers, alongside the growth of numbers of companies working on new games, tends to entice more and more consumers to upgrade their hardware in order to purchase these products.

The main attraction, however, is that most of the consumers of this industry tend to be on the younger spectrum. In fact, there is a very small threshold on when a person becomes a consumer for a particular game, usually starting around the age of 10, and ending at the age of 45-55, thus encompassing most of the population.

Another important segment that the new MacBook could potentially target is the online gambling industry, which has been exceptionally profitable in countries like the United Kingdom and Australia. These two countries represent a priority for Apple’s dominance, therefore supplying consumers in these regions with strong processors could be the gateway towards handing the extra beefy games that software providers have been developing. The case is especially relevant for Australia real money online pokies which have been getting beefier and beefier, thus thinning out the consumer base that could potentially have access to them.

This is further confirmed by the fact that Apple was very serious about changing HTML5 games to iOS-friendly systems such as Swift or React Native or else they would have been taken down.

The deadline has been extended a little bit and therefore would be just in time once consumers start stocking up on the new MacBook.

Apple now has a clear path to eSports

Another industry, which is tied to gaming in a sense is eSports, which has been growing at an amazing pace worldwide. This has been especially relevant in markets that Apple aggressively targets. Markets such as the United States, the United Kingdom, China, Australia, Japan, South Korea, and various other regions are starting to pour millions and sometimes even billions into these events.

In the past, Apple’s hardware wasn’t even being considered as a platform for hosting these games. Although it was possible to play most of them on an iOS it was impossible to do so professionally due to lack of computing power.

With the new 16-inch Pro alongside a revamped iMac, Apple will finally have a shot at jolting itself into the gaming industry, and potentially covering a previously unreachable audience, the gamers, and corporate eSports.