Apple Warns not to Cover Your Webcam

In recent years, all computer experts have been warning people to cover their webcams. Hackers are more sophisticated than ever and there is now a fear that they can hijack the camera on your computer. Indeed, this has happened to many people, learning to extortionate and scary threats. Perhaps you already have a webcam cover on your Mac or other Apple devices. However, Apple has recently stated that users should not cover their webcam after all.

Macbook on picnic table open to Google

Webcam Covers Damage the Display

If you own a MacBook, MacBook Air or MacBook Pro, you probably love how small and compact your laptop is. It offers you everything you need for work and downtime, including having an integrated webcam above the display. However, this is the reason that Apple has urged customers not to use a cover over their webcam. They are claiming that this can actually cause damage to your display. The laptops have been designed not to have a lot of clearance and this means that any webcam cover can interfere. Not only can this stop you from being able to close your MacBook properly, but it can also mess with the ambient light sensor.

For example, consider this scenario. Imagine you are using the Unibet PA mobile app on your iPhone and watching a movie on your MacBook at the same time. You know that your webcam is not on. How do you know this? Well, the ambient light sensor has not turned green. Apple states that their laptops are designed for this light to always turn green when it is on and that hackers cannot change this. Instead, using a webcam cover can disturb the brightness and True Tone from functioning properly and affect your camera.

Thus, Apple believes you can depend on the indicator light when it comes to privacy. You can tell if your webcam is on by simply watching the light. In addition, the company have an added security measure for peace of mind. You are able to manually control the apps and websites that can access your camera. When you block access, they will not have permission to turn it on. This is available on your computer if you have macOS Mojave or later.

Closed MacBook with glasses on top

Other Security Measures for Your Laptop

There are some other ways that you can protect your MacBook from hackers and viruses. For example, always make sure that your system is up-to-date. If there are any updates to install, ensure that you do them straight away. They often contain additional security measures to respond to new threats.

A lot of people are under the impression that Apple products do not require an antivirus program. But this is not true. This is going to help protect your laptop when you are browsing online. Unfortunately, there are websites that contain malware. Having an antivirus program with a firewall will be beneficial.

Always ensure that you are cautious when you are opening emails. Analyze who the sender is and whether you know them before opening any attachments. They could contain harmful malware.


  • A lot of people believe you should cover webcams to prevent spying.

  • Apple has recently warned not to cover the camera as you can damage your laptop.

  • A cover can interfere with the ambient light sensor and damages the display.

  • Apple says to pay attention to the indicator light to know if your camera is on.

  • Other security measures include updating your system, having an antivirus program with a firewall and being cautious with emails.