Biggest milestones for Apple through history

Apple is by far the most prolific company in existence and its success speaks to the passion, vision, insight and ingenuity that the human species can display. From humble beginnings in the garage of co-founder Steve Job’s parents to where it is now, Apple has achieved leaps and bounds to put it mildly. That’s not to say that the company has not gone through its fair share of ups and downs. Many will attest to the fact that Jobs was at times a tyrant with little compassion, going so far as to shun his daughter born out of wedlock (they did reconcile). Not every Apple product was a success; who can forget the Newton? It was even mocked on an episode of The Simpson’s. There were power struggles too; Jobs hired Coca Cola’s head honcho as Apple’s CEO only to see him oust Jobs in 1985. Jobs explored other ventures, founding NeXT Computers and ending up as majority shareholder in a little company called Pixar – we all know how that story ended. By the time he returned to apple in 1997 and took command, he reduced their product line from 350 to 10 and the rest as they say is history. Let us now take a look at the some of the biggest milestones for Apple through history.

The Apple II (1977)

Apple’s first mass-produced PC hit the shelves a solid 4 years prior to its future competitor, the IBM, and to great acclaim. Sporting a colour display and an overall easy understanding of its machinations, it was in many ways, the first personal computer. The Apple II saw various renditions all the way up until 1993 with each one adhering to Wonziak’s mandate: small, reliable, convenient to use and inexpensive. Thanks to Jobs, it was easy on the eye as well.

The Macintosh (1984)

The Macintosh, simply referred to as the Mac, was a major game changer for Apple and for the world because it gave us the personal PC as we still know it today. Released in 1984, backed by a commercial directed by none other than Ridley Scott, and shown during the Superbowl, it was nothing short of a triumph for Apple. Before the Mac, there was nothing like it. It laid the template of the modern day personal computer – a graphical user interface and a mouse.

The iMac (1998)

During the 1990s Apple suffered major financial losses. Steve Jobs returned in 1997 and by 1998 Apple unveil its saviour, the iMac. The iMac was otherworldly; it was like nothing anyone at the time had ever seen. Up until then, PC’s were, well, pretty stock standard, even boring if one could be so bold. The iMac shook up the PC world with its vibrant colours, odd shape and all-encompassing PC dome.

The iPod (2001)

The precursor to the iPhone and a key stepping stone of such epic proportions, that without it, we would have no iPhone, and with no iPhone, there would be no smartphones, period. The iPod didn’t impress much at first, with many writing it off to being no better than the other MP3 players already on the market, but once users got a feel for the way it worked, felt, and seamlessly integrated with iTunes to make the purchasing of music a breeze, there was no turning back. From here on in, the company known for its sale of computers would find itself selling less of those, more of that, and what was still to come…

During the interim…

Between the years 2003 and 2006 Apple’s stock sky-rocketed from $6 per share to more than $80. Global economies where moved by this and it created ripple effects and awareness of that something really big was about to happen – a tech revolution within the internet-age.

Apples impact on Forex and EUR/USD and the effect Steve Jobs company had on financial and stock markets became very evident. At the time Steve Jobs took it upon himself to fire off an email to all his employees stating that Michael Dell, CEO of Dell’s, should eat his words. His motives for a somewhat inflammatory email were completely justified. Nine years prior Dell was known to have said that if he was running Apple, he would “shut it down and give the money back to the shareholders.”

The iPhone(2007)

The iPhone is officially Apple’s greatest hit and the device that has forever changed our world. Although the iPhone wasn’t the first smartphone – Blackberry and Nokia were doing it for quite a while already – it was the first one that amazed on a collective level. Like the Macintosh, the iPhone laid the ground work and gifted the world with the template of things to come. Today billions have been sold and the smartphone has become an indispensable item.