Apple’s New Guidelines Change Casino Mobile Apps

It’s no old news that online gambling means more than playing at an online casino on your desktop. Nowadays, these platforms also have mobile apps that can assure a wonderful experience. Usually, these are available on Apple or Android devices and allow you to have fun anywhere you go. 

Gamblers turn to mobile apps because is much more convenient to play directly on your device rather than accessing the online casino in your browser. Luckily, the portable version of an online casino offers you the same familiar experience so you can continue where you left off. However, Apple wants to retrace their guidelines when it comes to mobile apps, which could affect the way these work. 

What are the new rules

Apple desires to improve the player’s experience and would like to implement unique mobile apps. This means that the online casino must rethink their portable version. The platform and the application need to be significantly different in order to fulfil the new ground rules. The reason behind the fact that these versions look very similar with the online casino is to allow the user to make a smooth transition between those two. However, a change on this aspect can end up being an improvement. 

What are the pros and cons 

Every time something new is implemented, it attracts both advantages and disadvantages. It’s natural and is also well known you can’t make everybody happy. But let’s see what the pros and cons of these changes are!


  • The player will have an improved gambling experience;
  • There’s room for adding tons of features to make the mobile app unique;
  • You won’t get bored easily as you can always switch from the desktop version to the app and enjoy a new look and feel. 


  • You need to take some time to get used with the new user interface;
  • Not all products from the gaming site will be available on the mobile app. 

Like mentioned before, these changes will lead to online casinos rethinking their apps. For those casino sites like KingCasinoBonus, that have been in the industry for a long time, these will include making a few adjustments. On the other hand, smaller sites will have to invest more financial and creative resources in order to design a mobile app from scratch. 

Even though Apple may seem to be blamed for these changes, in fact, their new rules are not that bad. Besides the fact that the mobile app will come with new features, you will also have the chance to enjoy a customized experience.