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February, 1997 Archive

Friday, February 28th
Internet Config 1.4 Enters Beta
The configuration application that has made life much easier for Macintosh Internet users has seen a new update; 1.4 beta 3. New features and changes in this release include; removal of Internet Config RandomSignature and Eudora GURL helper, fixed memory leaks when opening URL's in non-running applications, return of System 6 support, support for GURL AppleEvents and much, much more. (Thanks, David Sholkoff)

Upside with Gil Amelio
Upside Online, along with everyone else, has been doing a lot of reporting on Apple as of late and today they posted a lengthy interview by Eric Nee with Apple's CEO, Gil Amelio. Topics of discussion include (as always); Rhapsody, Amelio's views on the Intel platform, Microsoft as a competitor and the future of Apple.

MkLinux DR 2.1 Now Available
The developer release of MkLinux 2.1 is now available for a variety of Macintosh systems, including support for PCI based computers. The Power Macintosh 6100, 7100, or 8100 series or a PowerComputing 100 or 120 remain supported, and the Power Macintosh 7200, 7500, 7600, 8200, 8500, or 9500 series is now officially supported. Other PCI systems may work, but haven't been fully tested. MkLinux needs at least 8MB's of RAM and at least 500MB's of hard drive space.

Virginia Systems Unveils WebSonar
WebSonar,from Virginia Systems, is a new addition to their text retrieval product line that allows users to publish information quickly and easily on either the Internet or an intranet, without having to convert their files into an HTML format. Based on Virginia's Sonar Professional search engine, WebSonar can search over 12,000 pages per second, displaying the full content and exact page numbers of all found documents. Searching can be performed by any computer running a Web browser. WebSonar, for Macintosh servers running WebSTAR, is now available for purchase and is also downloadable in demo form.

Thursday, February 27th
StarNine Updates WebSTAR
StarNine, a division of Quarterdeck, has announced an upgrade to their popular Macintosh Web server software. WebSTAR 2.0.2 includes many important plug-in enhancements, and many changes to the cache system, directory indexer, log roller and SSI support. WebSTAR 2.0.2 is a free upgrade for users of WebSTAR 2.0 and can be download on the WebSTAR Updates site.

Microsoft Set to Bring JavaScript to IE
According to a BrowserWatch net.fame from Lawrence Lee, Microsoft announced at Web '97 in San Fransico that they will deliver Internet Explorer 3.1 for the Macintosh 'in the first ten days of March'. Among other expect enhancements, Microsoft will finally deliver JavaScript capabilities to it's Macintosh browser.

A Hotline for the Rest of Us
Hotline 1.1b20 from Adam Hinkley, is a new client/server technology for Internet and intranet communications. It supports file transfer, chat, and news, but it does not utilize the aging FTP, IRC, and NNTP standards. Instead, the Hotline client and server were developed to specifically take advantage of the Macintosh. The Hotline client offers many useful features, with one of them being the ability to resume file transfers.

Wednesday, February 26th
First Day Hiccups
Most of the Mac Observer staff anticipated a few first day problems, but our day has been terribly eventful, for all of the wrong reasons. We apologize to those of you who tried to access the site and received a 'document contains no data' error. We have pinpointed the error and things are loading fine at this time. Also, we have taken all the comments sent in about our background graphic and have made the appropriate changes. If you're still having trouble with it, be sure to let us know!

Welcome to The Mac Observer!
If you're a Macintosh fan and use the Internet on a daily basis, you've come to the right place. We here at FriscoSoon Productions want to thank you for taking the time to come visit our new site. Its been in the planning stages for the past couple months, and it's a great joy for us to finally be able to unveil our work publically. What can you expect from us? Quite frankly, we hope to offer the most up-to-date news about anything related to the Internet and the Macintosh platform along with Internet product reviews which offer in-depth analysis and insight. Toss in our First Looks and Perspectives, and you'll know what to expect from us in the future. So sit back, enjoy our news, reviews, first looks, perspectives and be sure to let us know what you think!

Cyberdog Bites Into a New Beta
Released in alpha form around the Christmas season, Cyberdog 2.0 went nearly three months without a significant new release. That came to an end last night with the release of the first 2.0 beta. The timespan in between releases is evident from wide range of new features and bug fixes. Be sure to hop on over to FriscoSoon's Cyberdog Pound for all the latest Cyberdog news.

New Versions of Microsoft Internet Tools
Yesterday, Microsoft quietly released a new version of its Internet Explorer for the Macintosh. The changes in this new 3.0a release aren't documented on the Microsoft Web site, but several users indicate that the irritating cache problem in 3.0 has been resolved. Also, Microsoft has upped their Java VM for IE to 1.0.5b3. Many users were getting "out of memory" errors with the old VM, regardless of how much memory they gave it, and this version seems to correct the problem.

Tuesday, February 25th
Marimba Delivers Castanet Alpha
After making a commitment to delivering a Macintosh version of their Castanet tuner at Macworld Expo in January, Marimba came through on that promise on Sunday. Castanet for the Macintosh is very similiar to its Windows and Solaris counterparts, and because all of the Castanet channels are written in Java, all of them are executable on the Macintosh. How well they run is another story. Download the Castanet Tuner from the following link:

Claris Delivers Your Emailer... 2.0 Style
Claris announced on Monday that it is offering a pre-release, time limited version of Claris Emailer 2.0, the award-winning email manager for the Macintosh. The new 2.0 release introduces several key new features and enhancements including unlimited email accounts, spell checking, an overhauled interface and much, much more.

Netscape 'Communicates' With the Mac
After releasing a preview version of their Communicator 4.0 suite of tools on the PC late last year, Netscape finally delivered a version of Communicator on the Macintosh late last week. Dubbed "preview release 2", Communicator includes the Navigator 4.0, Messenger, Collabra, and Composer components.The suite has seen major interface changes since 3.0 along with an increase to its ever growing memory requirements.

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