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July, 1999 Archive

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[Updated 5:54 PM] MacOS News Around The Web

[5:22 PM]
Team Mac Observer Moves Up To #29 In Top 100 Club Teams

[4:07 PM]
Apple Stock Watch: Great Quarter, So Apple Heads...South, Loses Almost 5%

[3:44 PM]
The Revolution Will Be Televised, Err... Webcast. Jobs' Keynote In QT4

[2:31 PM]
Control QuickTime Player, PowerPoint, And CD/DVD Player With Remote Control

[1:54 PM]
New Web Site Documents Apple Prototypes, Mac Clones, And Other Mac Coolness

[1:27 PM]
MacTell Is Brewing Up Some Voodoo 2 And 3

[Column] Ask Dave - Mind-boggling Malfunctioning Monitors!

[7:00 AM]
Apple Makes Top Story NPR/CNN's MoneyLine

[7:00 AM]
MacHack CD: Bigger, Longer, Uncut

[7:00 AM]
DragThing Updated To Version 2.7

Headlines For Wednesday, July 14th
[4:42 PM] Apple Posts Q3 Profit Of Over US$200 Million, Unit Growth Up 40%

[Updated 5:53 PM]
MacOS News Around The Web

[3:51 PM]
Apple Stock Watch: Apple Jumps Up In Anticipation Of Q3 Results

[3:14 PM]
Team Mac Observer Approaches 5,000 Work Units

[2:54 PM]
Commercial MP3 Encode/Player Released By Casady & Greene

[2:31 PM]
Campaign To Stop Mac Teen's Dad From Forcing PC Conversion

[1:30 PM]
mp3voodoo Updated With New Beta/New Features

[Updated 1:20 PM, Posted 12:30 PM]
What Happened To Swatch On Apple's Site?

[11:20 AM]
Paper Theme Now Comes In Candy Colors

[10:00 AM]
Apple To Launch An Apple Store In Canada Soon

[Column] My First Mac Was A Typewriter - Mac Battery 101 And Other Basic Tips

[8:00 AM]
Another Sign: Large-Scale File Transmission Service Comes To The Mac

Headlines For Tuesday, July 13th
[Updated 4:39 PM] MacOS News Around The Web

[3:51 PM]
Apple Stock Watch: Apple Slips Again, Still Above 50

[2:42 PM]
Microsoft Donates "State of the Art" NT Systems To Mac Stalwart, Dartmouth

[11:21 AM]
New [email protected] Mac Client Released

[10:50 AM]
This Could Possibly Be The Funniest Thing You Will Read This Year

[10:00 AM]
BackJack Online Backup Service receives Update

[10:00 AM]
Shareware Image Editor Receives an Update

[Column] The Apple Trader - Apple Makes History and a Little Consumer Portable Speculation

[Column] The Name of the Game - The Idiots Make Stuff Up: Is Apple Looking Elsewhere for Its 3D Cards?

[Column] On The Flip Side - Future Power's iMac Rip-off Analyzed By Michael Munger

[7:00 AM]
Default Folder Updated With Improved Performance

[7:00 AM]
Sherlock Menu Updated With Performance And Feature Upgrades

[7:00 AM] PandoCalendar Receives A Maintenance Release

[7:00 AM]
Scan Epson Scans Directly Into Photoshop With "One Touch Scan"

Headlines For Monday, July 12th
[Updated 4:22 PM] MacOS News Around The Web

[3:37 PM]
Profit Taking Reclaims Some Of Apple's Gains, Stock Remains Well Above 50

[2:45 PM]
Team Mac Observer Back In Top 50 At Number 31!

[8:17 AM]
American Pie Movie Chooses Apple For It's Computer Filling

[7:45 AM]
Terry Morse Sends GoClick, Document To Web Converter, To Public Beta

[7:45 AM]
PC Weenies Caption Contest Could Net You A Free Game

[7:45 AM]
Grab A 12 MB Voodoo 2 Card For US$109

[Interview] Is This A Web Site Or Your Desktop? - Interview By Michael Munger

[Column] Monday's Mac Gadget - Find Internet Audio & Video With MacTuner

[6:55 AM]
More Apple Pictures and Logos than You can Shake a Stick At!

[6:55 AM]
Spell Catcher 8 Adds Truly Global Performance

[6:55 AM]
Count your Calories (and other things!) with Diet Sleuth

[6:55 AM]
Eject Your Disks in Style with EjectDisk

Headlines For Friday, July 9th
[4:22 PM] Want To See Some Detailed Specs On The P1? We Got 'Em

[Updated 4:15 PM]
MacOS News Around The Web

[3:37 PM]
Apple Stock Watch: Love Fest Continues As Apple Goes Higher, Resistance/Support Level Explained

[3:25 PM]
Web Stats Analysis Package For MacOS X Server Released

[3:05 PM]
Digital Audio And MIDI Studio Software Receives Major Update

[2:37 PM]
[email protected] Corrects Improperly Reported Results

[Column] The Back Page - Great Expectations: What Will, and Won't Be Announced At MacWorld

[7:30 AM]
Turn Your Flash Animations Into A Mac Or PC Screensaver With One Button

[7:30 AM]
Fractal Domains Updated With Features

[7:00 AM]
640MB Removable USB drive Shipping from EZQuest

[7:00 AM]
Need To Sell Your Mac Stuff? Offers Summer Rate Special

[7:00 AM]
PowerBook Making Things Hot For You? LapBottom Ships With New Features

[7:00 AM] has a Winner!

Headlines For Thursday, July 8th
[Updated 4:26 PM] MacOS News Around The Web

[3:37 PM]
Apple Stock Watch: Apple Blasts By 50 With P1 And Q3 Excitement

[3:04 PM]
Team Mac Observer Rockets Up Top 50 To Number 43!

[2:10 PM]
Pile On: Wall Street Analysts Raises Apple Target To US$75

[7:30 AM]
Days To Go Receives A Maintenance Update

[7:30 AM]
A Better Finder Attributes Updated With New Feature

[Column] Ask Dave - Dave's Rules for Backing Up Your Mac (and more!)

[7:00 AM]
Power On Software Announces Security Deal With Kinko's

[7:00 AM]
MAC-O-RAMA Has Another Sale! Quake II in Stock!

[7:00 AM]
Win A Free Mac Action Sack From

[7:00 AM]
Koblo Updates Software-based Family of Synthesizers

Headlines For Wednesday, July 7th
[Updated 4:12 M] MacOS News Around The Web

[3:24 PM]
Apple Stock Watch: Apple Plays Over 50 Until Last Second, Closes At 6 Year High!

[2:52 PM]
Apple Updates QuickTime Streaming Server, Better Performance And Linux Support Added

[1:55 PM]
Mac Platform Gains Ground On Solaris In [email protected] As Average Times Get Faster

[8:51 AM]
The Learning Company Releases New College Entrance Test Study Software

[8:41 AM]
Where Are Apple's Current Print Ads? This List Has 'Em All

[8:28 AM]
Guess What? It's Time For Another Update To PandoCalendar!

[Column] My First Mac Was A Typewriter - Mac Activities For A Hot Summer Afternoon

[7:00 AM]
Mactell Drops Prices and Ships 18, 22, and 25 GB Firewire Hard Drives

[7:00 AM]
Paper: Another New Appearance Theme Released!

[7:00 AM]
Cross-Platform USB Hard Drives Available Now

Headlines For Tuesday, July 6th
[Updated 4:58 PM] MacOS News Around The Web

[4:32 PM]
Team Mac Observer Poised To Hit Top 50 [email protected] Club Teams

[3:48 PM]
Apple Stock Watch: Apple Up Again, Closes Over 47

[Column] The Apple Trader - Summer Rally, Autumn Panic?

[Column] On The Flip Side - Why Advertising On The Internet Sucks

[Column] The Name of the Game - What?! This is Shareware?!! The Indispensable Mac Gamer's Resource

[Column] Monday's Mac Gadget - Version Master Automatically Tracks Your Apps

[7:00 AM]
Steve Jobs to speak at Seybold Seminars in August

[7:00 AM]
Transform Your Old PCI Mac Into A 300 MHz G3 For Under US$300

[7:00 AM]
MacOS X Server Web Browser Receives Update

[7:00 AM]
PennyWise Updates StockWatcher

[7:00 AM]
REALbasic Goes International and Multilingual

[7:00 AM]
Ircle AppleScript Resource Closing! Public Access Software Shifts Gears

[7:00 AM]
Bleu Rose Drops Prices on VCR+ and SMPTE Calculator Applications

[7:00 AM]
Black & Bleu Error Code Analyser Gets Maintenance Update

Headlines For Friday, July 2nd
[Updated 5:28 PM] MacOS News Around The Web

[4:41 PM]
Mac-only ISP Now Available throughout Entire US and Canada

[4:37 PM]
Apple Stock Watch: Apple Regains Lost Ground, Up 1 Point

[4:21 PM]
CodeWarrior Ships with Support for MacOS X, Carbon, and Other Future Apple Technologies

[4:18 PM]
POW! BANG! BOOM! Happy Independence Day from MAC-O-RAMA!

[Column] The Back Page - The Unity of the Mac Community

[3:43 PM]
Team Mac Observer Advances 8 More Spots In Top 100

[2:54 PM]
Apple Lawsuit Making CNN Headline News, Twice Each Hour

[9:54 AM]
Archives Reorganized [Home Page Article]

[9:26 AM]
Best of Both Worlds -- Multi-Ad Cumulus Media Asset Management System

[9:21 AM]
Celebrate the 4th with a Bang! -- From Clixsounds

[9:15 AM]
FlexiSIGN-PRO Gets Complete, Multi-Lingual Update

[9:05 AM]
MacOS-oriented Web Graphics Collection Released

[2:22 PM]
Apple Sues iMac Rip-off Maker "Future Power"

[8:34 AM]
P1 Shipments Delay Confirmed, Debut At MacWorld Still Likely

Headlines For Thursday, July 1st
[Updated 5:28 PM] MacOS News Around The Web

[4:37 PM]
Apple Stock Watch: Apple Stumbles As News Of Lawsuit Abounds

[2:22 PM]
Apple Sues iMac Rip-off Maker "Future Power"

[1:44 PM]
New Mac Web Site Specializes In Shareware Games

[11:47 AM]
New Mac [email protected] Client Released/ Mac Platform Gains Ground On Solaris

[8:34 AM]
P1 Shipments Delay Confirmed, Debut At MacWorld Still Likely

[Column] Ask Dave - A Hard Drive Specification Primer and Sanford & Son!

[8:18 AM], A New Virtual Desktop Paradigm

[8:12 AM]
Java Training For WebObjects 4 Now Available

[8:08 AM]
MacAT Update Includes Several New Features

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[Podcast]Podcast - Mac Geek Gab #178: Batch Permission Changes, Encrypting Follow-up, Re-Enabling AirPort, and GigE speeds

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