Are Mobile Casinos Fuelling Gambling Addiction?

Gambling is among the most insidious human vices, presenting the illusion of quick and easy money, yet it can cause financial downfall. This diverse activity can easily lead to various types of addiction, loss of money, and ultimately financial ruin. The affected player may feel the need to place more wagers to try and solve their financial situation after losing heavily, while others feel the urge to place risky bets to enjoy the high that comes with the risk.

With mobile gambling becoming highly popular in the last few years, people’s gambling behaviors have changed profoundly. The number of people struggling with problem gambling has also increased significantly, owing to the rise of mobile casino apps.  Leading psychologists have also warned that smartphone casino apps are proving to be more addictive than the highly controversial casino-style bookmakers.

How Do Mobile Casino Apps Contribute To Gambling Addiction?

With Smartphone users struggling with technology addiction, most people engage with their devices extensively over short periods intermittently. This behavioral pattern has the potential to steer a person towards gambling addiction, especially if you already enjoy betting occasionally. The games can easily fall under the radar as most people are accustomed to being on their phones constantly.

According to the NPGC (National Problem Gambling Clinic), the number of patients who struggled with mobile gambling addiction rose to 63% in 2017, compared to the 24% reported in 2013. The trend continued in 2018 as mobile deposits in online casinos increased to over a billion pounds. This year, hundreds of new mobile accounts are being registered daily, with users placing multiple bets regularly.

This gambling market is expected to grow rapidly in the UK, Australia, and other countries that are open for mobile gaming compared to the traditional cash-only social gaming. Research suggests the market will be worth over 50 billion pounds in the next half a decade. That’s because thousands of new players are signing up daily, while some laptop and desktop players are shifting to mobile casinos.

Comparing mobile casino apps with using the browser, campaigners are starting to fear that smartphones make it too easy for people to place bets. For those psychologically inclined to addictive behaviors, this presents a platform that’s just a tap away.  The games may initially appear harmless, but they are potentially very dangerous, particularly since they are so ubiquitous.

Signs of a Mobile Casino Gambling Problem

Gambling addiction is commonly known as a hidden or secret addiction due to the ability to be able to feed it without those around you noticing. That’s particularly true with mobile casinos since the player can wager as much as possible without friends or family members noticing it. Here are some of the most common signs you may note if you or someone near you starting developing a gambling problem as a result of betting on a mobile casino:

  • Having trouble controlling your gambling habits
  • Gambling what you can’t afford to lose
  • Feeling extremely excited and eager to gamble even when you continue loosing
  • Friends and Family expressing concerns about your gambling concerns

Just like gambling in a traditional casino-style bookmaker, excessive mobile gambling often results in various emotional symptoms. These symptoms include depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts or tendencies. Gamblers can even attempt suicide in extreme cases. That’s because losing everything in a mobile casino can be more devastating than losing your whole monthly salary in a land-based casino.

Why do people get hooked while mobile casinos promote responsible gambling?

While all the casinos listed at sites like promote responsible gambling behaviors, it’s easy to get hooked if you’re not careful. The high frequency of events in these sites is one of the reasons most people can’t stay away from mobile betting apps.

According to psychologist and International Gaming Research director Mark Griffiths, people are quick to demonize slot machines and embrace mobile casinos. However, it’s not machines that are addictive. The addiction comes from the structural characteristics in the game. For instance, players who enjoy casino games such as Keno through their mobile phones have a much high tendency of getting addicted than those who play slots. That’s because the game’s draw takes place within three to four minutes.

Millennials are also highly attracted to mobile casino gaming as they’re attracted to the prospects of easy money from their smartphones. Gaming providers have also targeted this market demographic by offering free social casino games to satisfy the entertainment needs in the hope they transition to playing with real money. That has greatly contributed to an increase in gambling problems.

Wrap Up

Society’s addiction to mobile devices is having a great impact on the gambling market. As more people continue abandoning their desktop sites and relying on mobile platforms, gambling addiction is increasing at a significant rate. However, you can consider blocking all gambling-related applications on your device to exclude yourself from gambling problems effectively.