Are You Ready To Work From Home?

Man on a couch with a laptop and iPhone

The world is changing, and not for the better. But be that as it may, all we can really do is to roll with the times and make the necessary adjustments so that we remain functional, even during these trying times. With the increased transmission rates of the virus, many companies have opted to have their team members work from home rather than completely cease business operations.

Not everybody has experienced working from home. It’s a drastic change in environment, especially for people who have been working in an office setting their whole career. As with all things, preparation is key, and a lot of times, arming yourself with information will allow for effective planning to happen. So, these are the things you need to keep in mind if you’re going to be working from home.


Like any other workspace, your work area at home has to be quiet, orderly, and it also has to have privacy. This is not only so you can focus on your work, but also to keep prying eyes away from your work files. Privacy is as much a matter of productivity as it is a matter of security. If you’re unable to secure a workspace at home, you might also want to opt for a coworking space such as Novel Coworking. While you will have to use social distancing rules, it’s a good option if you really can’t designate a space at home. Not only are coworking spaces well-maintained, they are also very comfortable.


Some essentials that you need when working from home are a computer (or laptop) and an internet connection. These are going to be your means to achieve work and to communicate with your co-workers during this phase. Ensure that you have a decent laptop with at least 4GB of RAM, and a stable internet connection as well as a back-up connection so that your work isn’t interrupted. Remember that the main difference between working in an office and working at home is that you have to maintain your equipment yourself.


It’s of utmost importance to set and follow a schedule so that you’re able to achieve your work on time. A schedule or calendar also allows you to track progress and to make the necessary adjustments in order to ensure that you’re able to achieve the milestones that you set for yourself. It’s also important to set focused time, where you do nothing except work. These schedules help instill discipline even when you don’t have any supervisors around. Remember that there are many distractions and sources of anxiety at home, but with a schedule, you’ll be able to ensure that you remain productive, even without supervision.

Working from home is not as easy as most people think. It requires self-discipline and a good degree of organization skills. There are many distractions that will take you away from work and there is also vital equipment that you cannot do without. It’s important to know what you’re getting into so that you’re able to plan for it well, thus ensuring the best chances of success. We hope this information will help you during these trying times.