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LinuxWorld To Kick Off Today, Apple Veterans To Show New Linux GUI

LinuxWorld To Kick Off Today, Apple Veterans To Show New Linux GUI

by , 12:50 PM EDT, August 14th, 2000

The year's LinuxWorld Expo kicks off today in San Jose, California. The Expo is a four day show, modeled much like last month's MACWORLD Expo in New York city, with one day of seminars and workshops, and then three days of demonstrations and exhibits. One of he most anticipated events during the Expo is the release of a new Graphic User Interface (GUI) for Linux. Eazel, a company founded by three members of the original Macintosh OS design team, are set to release the first public version of their file manager, Nautilus 1.0. Nautilus will expected to make using Linux easier and more intuitive, perhaps opening the door for the emergence of Linux as a popular home user platform. According to LinuxWorld organizers:

Every LinuxWorld Conference and Expo features events and displays that offer something for everybody, from venture capitalists to dedicated Linux coders. The San Jose event will give the Linux community the opportunity to catch up with their favorite Linux newsmakers and to find out about new developments and up-and-coming products and companies.

The prestigious IDG/Linus Torvalds Community Award is given to an association, organization, or individual that has shown exceptional dedication to the open source movement. Past recipients include the Stampede Linux Foundation, Jay Sulzberger, the Free Software Foundation and Xfree86, Inc. Be on hand when the next award is given out!

Eazel is in line to make the biggest waves during the Expo, with the release of a product that truly could change the face of computing. According to a San Francisco Examiner article, Nautilus uses a psychological scheme that users are already comfortable with; the web browser. According to the SF Examiner article:

A sneak peak of the software revealed a slick interface that borrows heavily from Netscape's seminal browser design. Users can move, save and store files easily by clicking and dragging icons. Navigation is accomplished using the familiar "forward," "back," "stop" and "reload" keys Netscape imprinted on our collective psyche years ago. In other words, you'll almost know what you're doing as soon as you sit down in front of the Nautilus interface.

You can read the full article about Eazel at the San Francisco Examiner web site, and find more information about LinuxWorld at the expo's web site.

The Mac Observer Spin:

Whether you think that OS X has been delayed or not, the fact is that Eazel's product hopes to offer greatly enhanced ease-of-use for an enourmously powerful and stable operating system, and they are ready to do that now. One of the biggest reasons that Linux has been held back from gaining greater popularity is the relatively high level of computer experience needed to successfully use the system. A product like Nautilus can push the power of Linux on the masses, and could eventually lead to direct competition with OS X.

As many have pointed out, ease-of-use is not the only thing that will help an OS succeed. Rather, the number and quality of available applications are a more accurate barometer. Hopefully Linux and Mac OS X will be able to coexist, and in fact push each other to greater heights.

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