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Waiting For New iBooks? The Wait Is Over (Updated)

Apple Expo 2000 - Waiting For New iBooks? The Wait Is Over (Updated)

by , 12:30 PM EDT, September 13th, 2000

Update: This article was originally posted at 6:30 AM and updated at 11:30 AM with a Spin.

Apple finally updated the the iBook line today, as announced by Steve Jobs at the Apple Expo 2000. The new iBook includes an updated processor, a FireWire port, and a DVD player. Apple has also added more RAM, and offers the product in two new colors. According to Apple:

Apple® today introduced a new iBook™ line featuring FireWire® ports and iMovie™ 2, the world’s most popular and easy-to-use digital video editing software, and all new colors. The iBook now comes in Indigo and the iBook Special Edition, which now includes a DVD-ROM drive for watching DVD movies on the go, comes in Graphite. Both models also come in the season’s hottest new color, Key Lime, available exclusively from Apple’s Online Store (

“iBook has been a big hit with consumers, students and educators, and the addition of portable digital video editing with FireWire and iMovie 2 makes it even better,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “Anyone can now own a portable movie studio for just $1,499.”

The new iBook models include:

  • a 366 MHz or 466 MHz PowerPC G3 processor;
  • a 10GB IDE hard drive, configurable to 20GB;
  • a 400 Mbps FireWire port for connecting high-speed peripherals such as digital camcorders and hard disk drives;
  • a CD-ROM drive or DVD-ROM drive;
  • an AV port providing audio and composite video output;
  • the blazing ATI RAGE Mobility 128 controller with 8MB of SDRAM for great games and graphics.

Like the original iBook, all new models continue to offer outstanding features such as a brilliant 12.1-inch (diagonal) active-matrix TFT display; “all-day” battery life of up to six hours; support for Apple’s revolutionary AirPort™ wireless networking solution; and instant Internet access with a free 30-day trial with EarthLink.

The new iBooks are available immediately from Apple Authorized Resellers and The Apple Store in two standard configurations:

  • iBook, available in Indigo, features a 366 MHz PowerPC G3 processor, with 64MB of SDRAM, 256K level 2 cache, a 10GB IDE hard drive, 24x-speed CD-ROM drive, USB and FireWire ports, a built-in 56K modem, 10/100BASE-T Ethernet and iMovie 2 for an estimated retail price of US$1,499; and
  • iBook Special Edition, available in Graphite, features a 466 MHz PowerPC G3 processor, with 64MB of SDRAM, 256K level 2 cache, a 10GB IDE hard drive, 6x-speed DVD-ROM drive, USB and FireWire ports, a built-in 56K modem, 10/100BASE-T Ethernet and iMovie 2 for an estimated retail price of US$1,799.
  • Both the iBook and iBook SE are available in Key Lime as well.

You can find more information at the Apple web site.

The Mac Observer Spin:

This is a welcome update to the iBook product line, and one that is a tad overdue. That said, Apple has now turned over all but one of its products in less than two months! This is an impressive feat ladies and gentlemen, and one that is made possible in part because of Apple's incredible inventory control (parts inventory) of only a few hours worth of inventory on hand. Apple's operations team is to be congratulated!

Thank goodness the iBook finally comes with Apple's own FireWire technology as well! Getting FireWire in the hands of the types of consumers who buy the iBook is essential to growing market share for the technology. It also benefits iBook owners who have wanted to expand their portable's accessories and peripherals.

Now, if Motorola/IBM can simply surmount the ongoing malaise in the MHz arena and we can get past the horrid 500 MHz cap Apple's entire product line is forced to bow down to. IBM can make faster 750Cx processors, but Apple can not even think about making its iBook have a faster MHz speed than the PowerBook which in turn must not outshine the PowerMac G4 line! It's a vicious circle with no end until Motorola can make faster G4s.

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