PowerMax: The New Key Lime iBook Is "Too Ugly For Us To Sell Responsibly"

by , 1:30 PM EDT, September 15th, 2000

All over the Mac web, the new iBook color "key lime", which is an intense yellowish green, is creating big controversy.

Actually, perhaps controversy is not the word. For that to be true, there would have to be someone who actually likes it, and we have not heard of anybody yet.

It is not the same color as the "lime" iMac, which is now discontinued. See this graphic, which we made with a browser, two windows, and a screenshot (and Graphic Converter:)

Take for instance the Mac reseller PowerMax. How do they handle the new color?

Give us a call for info on the new iBooks released at AppleExpo!
We will be offering the Graphite and Indigo versions.
(the Key Lime color is just too ugly for us to sell responsibly!)

Well, it is certainly a clear standpoint!

The Mac Observer Spin:

This is pretty funny, though we do not entirley agree with their sentiment. Their panache we admire, however. It remains to be seen how the buying public reacts to the new iBook, but remember that the original iBook was labeled as "Girlie." It did just fine. :-)