Hacking OS X Just Got Easier

by , 7:00 AM EST, December 4th, 2000

As most OS X users have realized, there are a host of interface and system behavior options that Apple has decided to keep hidden from us...for the time being, anyway. However, clever hackers have managed to tweak and manipulate the system to make it look, and act, more how they want it to. Now, Arctic Software has made it even easier with the release of haXmanager. The new program provides and easy to use, extensible interface for applying a number of OS X hacks. According to Arctic Software:

Macintosh ethusiasts can finally customize MacOS X using Arctic Software's haXmanager. Our easy to use interface allows almost anyone to easily apply "hacks" to their sytem which allows them to do things like changing the window appearance or putting a trash can on the desktop.

Also, with the plugin engine, you can easily add-on additional hacks as they become avaiable. Anyone can easily create their own hacks using our Plugin Developer's Guide or using our Plugin Design program which are both avaiable in our Support section.

Setting haXmanager is a snap! Just decompress using StuffIt Expander and launch the program. Each plugin comes with directions specifically for it. Simply follow the directions and you can apply the hack.

This very cool program is available for free. You can find more information at the Arctic Software web site.