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From The Floor: Booth Highlights

MWSF - From The Floor: Booth Highlights

by , 9:00 AM EST, January 11th, 2001

While everybody knows that MACWORLD is a wonderful forum for product announcements, MACWORLD visitors are also presented with a unique opportunity to take a first hand look at some of the products that they read about at sites like The Mac Observer.

A number of companies have impressive demonstratios, MACWORLD special pricing, contests, and other events for show goers to enjoy. Now that the smoke has settled from Tuesday's keynote, we wanted to give you a quick run down of some of the special events and demonstratios taking place on the floor of the Moscone center.

4D will be demonstrating the latest beta version, 4.4, of their enterprise level server suite, WebSTAR. Among the most important features of the new version is the ability to support a completely customizable Web mail interface. You can visit 4D at booth #1442.

Nisus is offering their popular alternative word processor, Nisus Writer, at a special show cost of US$79.95. You can take advantage of this special offer at booth #3240.

Fastware is giving demonstrations of their new FireWire-to-SCSI converter, BridgeIt FireWire to SCSI. The new product allows long time users of SCSI peripherals to keep much of their old hardware for use on the latest Macs. Fastware is located at booth #4700.

Waves In Motion is giving demonstrations of their entire line of FileMaker Pro enhancements, including Analyzer and Oazium CC Authorize. All of the products add neat functionality to your FileMaker databases, and often with minimal user effort. Waves In Motion is at booth #4241.

Power On Software is offering special show pricing for their award winning utility, Rewind. Rewind allows users to "restore" their systems to a point in time prior to a catastophic crash or accidental file deletion. Very cool software. Power On will also feature Joel Bauer and his array of neat mind tricks, and allow visitors the chance of winning US$5,000. You can advantage of special show pricing, and be amazed by Mr. Bauer, at booth #907.

Erupter Entertainment will be giving demonstrations of their array of technologies and content, all aimed at young-adult males. We're not really sure what their story is, but their is something about Pamela Anderson at their booth, which might make it worth visiting. They are located in the same booth as Handspring, #507.

Media School will be giving details about their upcoming Mac OS X training services. Due to the unfamiliar nature of Apple's forthcoming OS, training may be more important now than in years past. Media School is at booth #4700.

Monkey Byte Development, Green Dragon, Freeverse, and Delta Toa have teamed to have one of the coolest booths on the floor, the MacBunch Booth. If you want to see a grass hut and some monkeys, really, visit the MacBunch booth in the 4400 section of the North Hall.

Aurora Video Systms is demonstrating their impressive line of video capture cards, the Igniter series, and is also offering special show pricing. If you brought your wallet, this is a great chance to save some money on a high-end capture card. Aurora is at booth #310.

If we see any more booths, or receive any other announcements that we think you might find interesting, we will let you know. In the meantime, enjoy the show.

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