OS X Rebate: Apple Says It's For Feedback, But Others Report Getting It

by , 2:00 PM EST, February 5th, 2001

The Mac world, and especially those following the development of OS X, was thrown into a mild uproar last week when users of OS X Public Beta began receiving US$30 discount coupons for the final version. The Low End Mac first reported the offer, and also reported that the offer was only valid for those that provided feedback regarding the new OS via Apple's Web site. However, other Mac news sites reported later in the day that everyone that purchased the Public Beta would receive the offer.

In an attempt to clarify the situation, The Mac Observer contacted Apple who gave us this tidbit of information:

Apple is offering a $30 discount on pre-orders of the final version of MacOS X through The Apple Store (www.apple.com/store) to the thousands ofcustomers who provided valuable feedback on the Mac OS X Public Beta. Thisoffer is our way of saying "thanks" for helping make Mac OS X the world'smost advanced operating system.

Mac OS X will be released on March 24, 2001. All customers interested inpre-ordering Mac OS X can do so immediately through The Apple Store(www.apple.com/store) and Apple resellers.

While this is apparently the "official" word from Apple, people all over the Internet are reporting otherwise. A number of readers have sent the following comments to The Mac Observer regarding their participation and the status of their discount:

So which is it? The Mac Observer has contacted Apple to further clarify the matter, but have received no response at press time. If we do hear anything further we will surely keep you posted.

The Mac Observer Spin:

At this point, our guess is that the discount program was intended for people who had posted feedback, but is either being extended to everyone, or some folks are getting it by mistake. The Observer who pointed out that Apple is trying to ensure as many pre-orders as possible is probably right on target, but Apple was also likely listening to those asking for a rebate if they bought the Public Beta.

By the time all is said and done, the rebate will most likely be extended to everyone who purchased the Public Beta, but don't hold us (or Apple) to that.