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Apple Launches The Best TV Commercial Since 1984, Seriously (With Pic)

Apple Launches The Best TV Commercial Since 1984, Seriously (With Pic)

by , 7:00 AM EST, March 7th, 2001

Apple launched a new TV commercial last night that is frankly the best ad they have run since 1984, or at least the 1985 Lemmings commercial*. The commercial aired during your editor's two favorite shows, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, as well as Frasier. It features an amazing array of big name music stars, and aims at the CD burning/MP3 market. For more commentary, see our Spin below. This, from Apple's Web site.

Apple® announced that it will begin airing a new television commercial tonight that features over 20 talented musicians appearing together to demonstrate how Mac® users can pick their favorite tunes from their CD library and create (burn) custom CDs on their Macs.

Among the musical talent participating is Barry White, George Clinton, Liz Phair, Steve Harwell of Smashmouth, De La Soul, Lil’ Kim, Ziggy Marley, Chuck Berry, Dwight Yoakam, Exene Cervenka and Deep Dish.

The 60 second TV spot will kick off tonight at the following times (EST/PST) [Editor's Note, these times are from Tuesday night]:

  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer on WB at approximately 8:40 p.m.
  • Frasier on NBC at approximately 9:02 (the first spot after the start of the show)
  • Angel on The WB at approximately 9:30 p.m.

A tantalizing still from the commercial as posted on Apple's Web site.
Click the thumb for a larger image.

Or, you can go to Apple's Web site and see it yourself.

*Please note that the Lemmings commercial, while a great commercial from an artistic statement point of view, proceeded to drive a wedge between Apple (and the Mac) and the business community. It seems they resented being called Lemmings. Go figure.

The Mac Observer Spin:

The parade of disappointing ads that has streamed forth from 1 Infinite Loop since the Snail and Burn Baby Burn Intel Bunny ads has been very frustrating to watch. It has often seemed that Apple was letting some amazing possibilities slip through their fingers untried. You may or may not agree with that, but we think that everyone will agree that they have seized the MP3/CD-RW opportunity with both hands, even if they were late to the table (pardon the mixed metaphors).

You may be asking why this is such a great commercial. Let us count the ways. For one thing, Jeff Goldblum, bless his tap-dancing soul, is not in it. For another thing, a vast array of big-name pop stars are. It is beautifully shot and includes some memorable imagery through the use of stunning colors. See the above screen shot for an example.

This commercial speaks to real people using the kinds of icons that many will respect (whether that is a good thing or not is better left to another venue). In other words, Apple is parading the kinds of assets that will make many people, especially young people, really sit up and take notice. They are emphasizing, in a public venue, that really cool people use the Mac, and that you can do something really cool with your Mac, all at the same time. They are embracing public culture on its own terms in a way that only Apple could. Finally, Apple has at long last Thought Differently about Thinking Different.

For that, we offer a big Mac Observer Salute to Apple and Chiat/Day. We can't wait to see any additional advertisements from this series.

There is a new thread in our forums about Apple's new campaign, what do you think?

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