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ConsumerAffairs: Apple Is A "Good Guy," Dell Makes Rogue's Gallery

ConsumerAffairs: Apple Is A "Good Guy," Dell Makes Rogue's Gallery

by , 12:00 PM EDT, April 9th, 2001, a Web site dedicated to providing consumers with a wealth of unbiased information regarding products, services, and dealers has listed Apple Computer as one of their "Good Guys." Apple has generally received high customer rankings, and their dedication to service has earned them their high marks. According to ConsumerAffairs:

Surely there's no product that enjoys greater customer loyalty than Apple's Macintosh line of computers. Apple remains the gold standard in building brand loyalty. Apple users don't just like their machines, they adore them. They are loyal to the core, and rightly so. Very few Macanatics defect to the dread Wintel world and a look at the user reports below tells why -- Apple machines work right out of the box and when there's a problem Apple fixes it ... pronto. Can't beat that.

We think the Mac deserves all these accolades and we would recommend Apple to anyone but most especially to those who are new to the world of personal computers or who want one for their children.

By way of comparison Dell, Gateway, and Packard Bell have been listed as having less that superb customer service by the ConsumerAffairs Web site.

We would like to thank Observer Ed M. for pointing this piece out to us. You can read more about Apple, and find the full list of "Good Guys" at the ConsumerAffairs Web site.

The Mac Observer Spin:

Much of the time we read how Mac users are unhappy with something that Apple has done, but that is because the negatives tend to make news more often than positives. There are many satisfied Mac users out there, due in large part to Apple's efforts to keep them happy.

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