Use Yor Mac To Relax

by , 2:00 PM EDT, April 25th, 2001

Software Perspectives has updated their sound generating software that will help users to get their mind off the troubles of the day, Relax. Version 3.0 allows users to select from one of five included sound "environments" providing soothing background noise. According to Software Perspectives:

Software Perspectives announced it has unveiled a major release of its popular Relax software product for Macintosh, as well as a slew of upgraded Relax related products and a new tool for Relax environments.

Relax 3.0 is a complete rewrite of the company's flagship product. The software now sports a sleeker, cleaner interface with loads of new features. Relax 3.0 now has a faster and more efficient sound engine. Through the use of threading, sound playback is not affected by disk activity or system interrupts. This new version also includes a new feature called SimpleSounds, which plays simple nature calls at a user specified rate. Alongside these new features is the ability to open and play Forest World files created by rival company MacUnicorn Software.

Relax 3.0 also supports Apple's next generation operating system, Mac OS X, as a "carbon compliant" application. Relax comes with five free environments, no purchase is necessary to take advantage of these, however the trial version of Relax is limited to 25 launches.

Alongside the Relax 3.0 release is a newly recompiled Relax Super Bundle and a new Relax Expansion Pack. The Expansion Pack contains six Relax environments as an add-on for users who already own Relax. For those users who are purchasing Relax for the first time, the revised Relax Super Bundle is a great value. It contains the Relax software, the five free environments and the Relax Expansion Pack for a total of 11 environments in all.

Also released today is NoiseMaker, a tool that enables anyone to create environments for Relax 2.0 or 3.0. NoiseMaker is free. No Relax purchase is necessary.

Relax is an exceptionally easy to use tool which plays natural environments. It provides soothing playback of various sounds such as the rolling tide of the ocean, a gentle summer thunderstorm and more. Relax requires a Power Macintosh, Mac OS 8.6 or later, and includes compatibility with Mac OS 9.1 and Mac OS X.

Relax is available for US$8.95, while the Super Bundle is available for US$14.95. You can find more information at the Software Perspectives Web site.