Apple Releases PowerBook G4 Titanium Firmware Update

by , 11:30 AM EDT, June 6th, 2001

VersionTracker is reporting that Apple has released a firmware update for the PowerBook G4 Titanium model. The new update, the PowerBook G4 DVD-ROM 1.2, reportedly improves the laptop's handling of optical media by updating the DVD-ROM drives firmware. According to VersionTracker:

The PowerBook G4 Titanium DVD-ROM Update improves support for the insertion and mounting of optical media. The DVD-ROM Update places new firmware on the Apple DVD-ROM drive installed in PowerBook G4 Titanium computers.

Updating Your DVD-ROM Firmware
To update the firmware on your DVD-ROM drive, follow these steps:

You can find more information, including download links, at the VersionTracker Web site.

The Mac Observer Spin:

A quick trip through the Apple Web site failed to turn up mention of this update there, but we are guessing that we just missed it. If you have any trouble installing this update, please post to our comments below.