Is That An iMac In That Gas Pump? (With Pic)

by , 2:00 PM EDT, June 15th, 2001

We never get tired of seeing the odd places that iMacs manage to appear. A company specializing in making "retro" merchandise, Vintage Vending, has released a vintage looking gas pump complete with an iMac on board. The cleverly named iPump does not, of course, actually pump gas but serves as a unique, eye catching computer kiosk for an office or trade show. According to Vintage Vending:

We've united the best of the past with the computer of the future to create the iPump, a vintage gas pump with a computer screen instead of the usual readout. The first of its kind, the iPump features Apple's iMac computer with its keyboard in a hidden drawer and a trackball mounted on the side. When the computer is not being used, the screen will resemble the traditional gas pump readout face with moving numbers and gas pumping sound effects. Attractive and eyecatching, the iPump is the perfect computer for trade show interactives and web site viewing stations. Each iPump comes with built in track ball and high quality sound system. You can supply your own computer or purchase one from us. Software set up, custom paint and graphics such as company logos are available for an additional fee. Ideal for restaurants, retailers or other companies who are looking for a unique, interactive marketing tool. Also great for your game room to surf the web or control other electronics.

The iPump, minus the iMac, is available for US$4,495. You can find more information at the Vintage Vending Web site.

The Mac Observer Spin:

This definitely fits in the category of "Gift For The Mac Lover That Has Everything." The product is eye catching, and at stores or during trade shows, that is what is most important. Very neat piece of Mac related merchandise.