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Imation Announces Products To Handle Your On-The-GO Lifestyle

MWNY - Imation Announces Products To Handle Your On-The-GO Lifestyle

by , 3:00 PM EDT, July 18th, 2001

Imation today announced several products to help people manage parts of their increasingly digital lifestyle. While Apple has positioned products such as the iBook as a –digital hub” to manage their digital devices and data, the iBook is only a start. Although capable, sometimes the iBook needs a little help. This is where the good folks at Imation come in, with a new line of digital devices.

The digital devices consist of the RipGO!, FlashGO! And DiscGO! units. RipGO! is a battery-powered portable player which uses mini CD-R (80mm) discs and can play raw audio, MP3, and WMA files. These discs can hold about 185MB, which equates to about 20 minutes of raw audio, or about 5 hours of MP3 files. RipGo! will be released in September and retail for US$399.

The FlashGO! is a nifty device which will help folks deal with all of the different memory formats they are used in portable players and other devices. FlashGO! is a USB device which can accept five different memory card formats: Compact Flash, Smart Media, Multimedia Card, Secure Digital and Memory Stick. The FlashGO! will be available in September and retail for US$79.99.

The final product in this roundup, the DiscGO!, will allow folks to transfer data from various memory devices to the Imation DataPlay media. For the uninitiated, DataPlay is a very small, write-only compact media that Imation introduced at the last MACWORLD show in San Francisco. It can hold 500 MB but is about the size of a quarter. The DiscGO! should help the DataPlay media gain acceptance by easily allowing transfer from other types of media. DiscGO! will be available Q4 2001.

You can find more information about their full like of products at the Imation Web site.

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