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Shawn King Exits 'Mac Show Live,' Stage Left, Plans New Mac Show

Shawn King Exits 'Mac Show Live,' Stage Left, Plans New Mac Show

by , 8:00 AM EST, January 21st, 2002

Shawn's gone, but not for long.

In a press-released statement on Sunday, Mac Show Productions, the group behind the popular Internet radio show, announced that King has resigned from his position as host of the premiere internet show dedicated to all things Macintosh. His resignation is effective immediately; show founder as well as host, King's reasons for resigning were cited as "philosophical differences." Executive Producer Mark Stevens will fill in for King until a permanent replacement is found.

Meanwhile, King says he will announce a new show tomorrow, tentatively scheduled to compete head to head with Mac Show Live, Wednesday nights at 6 p.m. Pacific Time.

The Mac Observer contacted King to ask him about his resignation and his new show. His response hinted at his "philosophical differences" with his former employers:

"I am leaving to create another similar show but with a focus more on the Mac Community and with more input from the audience," King said. "But we will still have the same great guests, prizes, contests and fun!"

Juxtapose King's comments with those included in the Mac Show's press release, and the reader should infer that some healthy competition lies ahead. According to the Mac Show Live:

"The same market conditions affecting everyone in the tech sector forced a re-focusing of our product; Mr. King chose not to agree with our plans for the future.... the Mac Show Live ... recently launched the MSL Club, a value-added component offering members product discounts and additional exclusive content."

Thanks to John H. Farr at Appelinks for alerting us to this.

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The Mac Observer Spin:

The world of Internet "Mac talk-radio" needs some serious competition in order to expand awareness among consumers. It can be hoped that both Shawn King's new show and the existing Mac Show can survive and thrive, thus turning what has effectively been a one-show race into a healthy, competitive *industry*. Consumer choice is the surest way to grow interest among Mac users in what we think is an awesome entertainment format. We look forward to seeing what both organizations can do, and we wish them both well. - [Bryan Chaffin - Editor]

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