Project Tracking For OS X Now Shipping

by , 4:00 PM EST, March 29th, 2002

beAccountable is now shipping an OS X version of beCreative Desktop for Mac users. beCreative is a project tracking app designed for businesses that rely on project management of time and resources. The app ships OS X ready and features a toolset that includes necessary tracking functions. According to beAccountable:

beAccountable, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of beCreative Desktop for Mac OS X.

beCreative is custom-tailored to allow graphic designers, marketing and communications companies, service bureaus, printers, consultants, advertising and PR agencies to easily track each of their projects so they can "be accountable" for time and resources spent on client projects. With the software, beCreative users can deliver better value to their clients and, in the process, better-manage costs to become more profitable.


You can find more information about the beCreative Desktop release at the beAccountable Web site. beCreative Desktop is available for US$249.00.