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Apple Officially Unveils Mac OS X 10.2, New Features Listed

Apple Officially Unveils Mac OS X 10.2, New Features Listed

by , 3:15 PM EDT, May 6th, 2002

Apple kicked off the 2002 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) by introducing Mac OS X 10.2 as a preview to developers. The event was launched with a keynote by Apple CEO Steve Jobs, where he told the crowd that OS 9 is dead. According to a report, Mr. Jobs opened up the keynote with a coffin on stage, pronouncing the death of OS 9 for developers: "We are here today to mourn the passing of Mac OS 9," Jobs said. "He is no doubt looking down on us today with that same smile he showed us every time he booted up."

Mac OS X 10.2, which Apple has code named "Jaguar," will be packed full of new features including: iChat, an AIM-compatible IM app, QuickTime 6, a new proposed standard for computer networking called "Rendezvous," an address book that will be available system-wide, improvements to the Finder, Sherlock 3, a new way of handling on-screen imaging called Quartz Extreme, improvements aimed at developers, and improved Windows networking support. From Apple:

Apple® today previewed the next major version of Mac® OS X, code-named "Jaguar," to more than 2,500 Macintosh developers at its Worldwide Developers Conference. "Jaguar" will be available to customers in late summer 2002, and will further establish Mac OS X as the most advanced operating system in the world.

"Jaguar is packed with incredible new features that Mac OS X users are going to love, including our iChat instant messaging software," said Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO. "Jaguar takes the world's highest-volume UNIX-based operating system to the next level, adding amazing new technologies never before seen in any operating system."

"Jaguar" includes many innovative new features, such as:

  • iChat, Apple's new AIM-compatible instant messaging software that is built into Mac OS X and integrated with the new Mail and Address Book applications;
  • QuickTime® 6, the first complete solution for industry standard MPEG-4 video and AAC audio streaming;
  • Rendezvous, Apple's proposed new industry standard for automatic discovery of computers, devices, and services on IP networks (i.e., Ethernet, AirPort®);
  • Address Book, Apple's new system-wide database for managing contact information;
  • Finder™, now enhanced with spring-loaded folders and new instant searching;
  • Sherlock® 3, Apple's all-new Internet search and services tool;
  • Quartz™ Extreme, the hardware accelerated Quartz graphics and compositing engine;
  • UNIX Tools, the latest UNIX advancements including FreeBSD 4.4 updates, the new GCC 3 compiler, IPv6 and IPSec; and
  • Windows Support, for increased compatibility with Windows networks with SMB browsing and sharing as well as built-in PPTP VPN security.

You can find more information on the WWDC at Apple's Web site. Join in on the discussion of the WWDC keynote in our forums.

The Mac Observer Spin:

This is a feature-packed upgrade to Mac OS X, and we are very excited about it. Spring loaded folders, iChat, and hardware accelerated imaging are the biggies from this feature list, but the other features are also fairly big.

One quick note: iChat being built into Mac OS X is the exact same thing that Microsoft ran into trouble with when it built MSN Messenger into Windows XP. The difference is that Microsoft has monopoly power, while Apple does not.

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