Apple Asks For Your Help In Redesigning Support Site

by , 8:30 AM EDT, May 10th, 2002

Apple is in the process of redesigning the AppleCare Support site, and the company is asking for feedback from Mac users. Apple has put in place four different designs, and wants you to rate them, and offer any feedback on which one you prefer. From Apple's Web site:

The AppleCare Support site is undergoing a redesign. Please select one of the designs below and let us know what you think. Each design is a fully functional page with access to all AppleCare online support resources.

Head over to the information page for the redesign, and let Apple know what you think. You can also join in on the discussion of the redesign in our own forums.

The Mac Observer Spin:

Apple's current support page is not all that pretty, and lacks some of the refinement the old Technical Info Library had developed over the years. Three of the new designs are particularly appealing, though our forum members seem to be leaning towards options 1 and 3.

In the meanwhile, it's simply outstanding that Apple is using its Web site to solicit feedback from the very people who use it. We think it's smart, and as Mac users we appreciate the opportunity to influence the design process.