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As The Apple Turns Returns, "Kindasorta"

As The Apple Turns Returns, "Kindasorta"

by , 10:00 AM EDT, June 4th, 2002

We are delighted to note that As the Apple Turns (AtAT) has returned after a five week hiatus, or rather the site has "kindasorta" returned. For those few who may not be familiar with AtAT, it is styled after a soap opera and publishes very funny and entertaining news and commentary about Apple and the Mac market. The site stopped publishing due to the birth of the site's producers' child, a baby girl named Anya, but is easing back into publishing as much as Anya will allow. From AtAT:

Hey, folks, we're back... kindasorta. Didja miss us? Well, Slim, don't go expecting much Apple-flavored melodrama just yet; consider this episode our fledgling attempt to start easing back into the swing of things, following the arrival of a significant (but exceedingly cute) broadcast interruption named Anya. Believe it or not, people, it's actually been a little tough to establish an AtAT production schedule around the needs of a newborn child. Believe us, we were just as shocked by that fact as you are!

See, the thing about Anya is, sure, she's an official AtAT intern and a Goddess-in-Training, but at five weeks old, she still lacks the necessary motor skills to make the coffee or answer the mail, let alone craft masterful and gut-wrenching descriptions of Steve Ballmer's multiple icky glandular problems. Worse yet, instead of helping, she's actually hindering AtAT's production, because she needs to eat every two hours, and likes to remind us of that fact loudly and often, which means the rest of the staff is getting even less sleep than before-- a development that has the world's top scientists, philosophers, and religious leaders scrambling to explain how the impossible has transpired.

You can read more of what's been happening with the AtAT family at the site. Thanks to Observer x136 for the heads up on AtAT's return.

The Mac Observer Spin:

Congratulations from the TMO family to the folks at AtAT for the birth of Anya and their return to publishing!

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