xtunes: iPod For Linux Hits Beta Release

by , 5:00 PM EDT, July 5th, 2002

There are two hard and fast rules for the iPod: Apple designed it to be used only with a Mac, and Linux and Windows users want to use the iPod with their computers anyway. There have been several products designed by third party developers to allow the iPod to interface with Windows machines, but now Linux users have their chance. A company called tex9 has released a beta version of software called xtunes, which will allow Linux users to sync up their iPods with their Linux boxes. From the company's Web site:

The iPod xtunes plugin provides full iPod support for Linux users. It is a plugin for xtunes that allows simple drag-and-drop of songs and playlists onto an iPod.

It is currently in beta testing. To apply to be a beta tester, sign up here.

Version 1.0 will be released soon. If you would like to be notified when it is released, please sign up here.


You can find more information on xtunes at tex9's Web site.

The Mac Observer Spin:

We have been torn on whether or not Apple could make more money selling the iPod to the unwashed Windows masses, and our friends in the Linux community, or by using the iPod to leverage more Mac sales. It seems clear that Apple has gained new users to the platform from the iPod, so that strategy has worked, but it also seems clear that Apple could pad its bottom line from the sell of a few hundred thousand more iPods.

To that end, it excites us to no end to see these Windows and Linux iPod software efforts hit the market. It allows Apple to continue to position the iPod as an exclusive Mac-product, while allowing those other computer users to buy one as well. Certainly Apple will not sell as many iPods this way, but every one helps.