Swiss Windows XP Site Asks Which OS Is Best, Mac OS Winning By A Landslide

by , 4:00 PM EDT, October 25th, 2002

We aren't too fond of Internet polls at TMO, but sometimes they are entertaining, sometimes, informative, sometiems engaging, and sometimes deliciously funny. Such is the case with a Windows XP Web site in Switzerland (, Das Schweizer Windows XP Portal), which is asking: "Welches ist Eurer Meinung nach das beste Betriebssystem?" For those who don't speak German, Google tells us that means: "Which is according to your opinion the best operating system?" The choices?

Windows 95
Windows 98
Windows ME
Windows 2000
Windows XP
MS Dos
Mac OS

A quick vote shows us that the Mac OS is winning by an overwhelming majority, which we find entertaining for a site dedicated to Windows XP. As of this writing, the Mac OS has some 1326 votes. Coming in at a distant #2 is Linux, with 141 votes, and Windows XP brings in the #3 spot with 111 votes. You can find the poll on the right hand side of the home page. The results can also be found on the site.