Happy Birthday, Steve Jobs!

by , 9:00 AM EST, February 24th, 2003

Here's a bit of Apple trivia you may or may not know: Today, Feb, 24, is Steve Jobs' birthday!

That's right! Our favorite CEO is 48 years old today. If you happen to see him during your daily travels be sure to wish him the best.

The Mac Observer Spin:

How time flies when you are having fun. It doesn't seem that long ago, 19 years in fact, when the Mac was introduced, and not too long before then that we were happy with our Apple IIs. My how our hardware has grown and matured.

The same could be said for Apple's man-in-charge. He has weathered many storms, and still manages to do it all with the youthful finesse that he had back in the garage days. You go boy!

TMO offers a hardy and heart-felt salute to Apple's CEO, Steve Jobs; may your day be filled with wonder and your future filled with light.