Mozilla 1.4 & Netscape 7.1 Released

by , 12:00 PM EDT, July 2nd, 2003

The Mozilla Organization and Netscape have released new versions of their respective browsers, Mozilla 1.4 and Netscape 7.1. Netscape's browser has typically been based on older versions of Mozilla ever since its 6.0 release. This new version of Netscape, however, is based on the latest Mozilla 1.4, released the same day. Mozilla 1.4 is the last major release that will follow the traditional browser suite model, while 1.5 and higher will be based on the newer standalone Firebird project. From the Mozilla 1.4 release notes:

In addition to its standard fare of built-in AIM and ICQ clients, Netscape 7.1 retains the IRC software found in Mozilla. The more brief Netscape 7.1 release notes list the following changes:

The Mac Observer Spin:

We're pleased to see a version of Netscape that is finally based on a recent version of Mozilla. While there may not be a lot of incentive to use Netscape instead of Mozilla, the company does put a known brand on the software and we appreciate the fact that people who do use Netscape are now on par with those who use Mozilla.

We currently do not know what Netscape's future plans are for its browser. Will the company follow Mozilla's lead and switch to a standalone Firebird-like model, or will it continue its future releases as a browser suite integrating many other components? We look forward to hearing more, and will report on the topic if and when information is available.