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RE:Vision Effects Shipping New Effects Bundle

RE:Vision Effects Shipping New Effects Bundle

by , 2:00 PM EST, April 2nd, 2004

RE:Vision Effects has released a new software bundle, Effections. Effections is a bundle of software containing 6 RE:Vision Effects products which are designed for video image manipulation. The bundle includes such utilities as Twixtor Pro and ReelSmart Motion Blur. According to RE:Vision Effects:

RE:Vision Effects releases Effections, a bundle of RE:Vision Effects’ products for use within Adobe After Effects, discreet Combustion, Adobe Premiere, Boris Red, Apple Final Cut Pro, and Pinnacle Systems Commotion.

Effections contains the following acclaimed products:

  • ReelSmart Motion Blur Pro automatically tracks every pixel in a sequence and blurs based on calculated motion. The newest version (3.0) now includes a plugin to add motion blur based on motion vectors rendered from your 3D system
  • Twixtor Pro intelligently slows down, speeds up and frame rate converts image sequences! The current version, Twixtor PRO v3, allows users to supply mattes for figure separation to aid the tracking process. In addition, users can supply tracking hints via tracking points. In Combustion and After Effects, splines can also be supplied to further control the result
  • FieldsKit is a 3 plugin set that provides smarter deinterlacing and more workflow options for interlacing and pulldown
  • SmoothKit provides the ultimate toolset to smooth your imagery by combining user-directed controls and feature-sensitive methods. Includes 5 filters, including: SmoothKit Gaussian, one of the most precise blur filters on the market. Smoothkit Gaussian does not create black borders and has a true compound blur option without blocky artifacts
  • Shade/Shape turns 2D elements into 3D rendered artwork! Creates nice glass and metallic looks for your logos and text
  • RE:Fill mends holes in images by intelligently filling user-specified regions
  • Video Gogh turns your moving-picture artwork into motion-paintings !

You can find more information about the Effections bundle at the RE:Vision Effects Web site. Effections is available starting at US$849.00.

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