O'Reilly Releases Excel Guide

by , 7:00 AM EDT, April 9th, 2004

O'Reilly & Associates has published a new book titled; "Excel Hacks" . The book, written by David and Raina Hawley, is a guide for maximizing a users potential using the ever popular app Microsoft Excel. The book provides tips and "back-door" hacks. According to O'Reilly & Associates:

The structure of the classic Greek tragedy is fairly inflexible. The rigidity of this structure might seem antithetical to creative expression and yet it has given rise to some of the most moving verses in the history of human drama.

In the same fashion, Microsoft Excel, with its stark, bare-bones grid of cells provides a fertile medium for the eloquent presentation of data and analyses. Far more than just a number-crunching application, Excel's streamlined, familiar interface casually conceals its considerable capabilities. If you've thought that getting creative with Excel means the underhanded tweaking of numbers, think again. "Excel Hacks" by David and Raina Hawley will take your spreadsheets to a whole new level, squeezing out every ounce of meaning possible.

The little known "backdoor" adjustments in the book include everything from reducing workbook and worksheet frustration to hacking built-in features such as pivot tables, charts, formulas and functions. "Excel Hacks" shows how to:

You can find more information about "Excel Hacks" at the O'Reilly & Associates Web site. The book is available for US$24.95.