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Apple's Ive a Real 'Mac Daddy' in Men's Journal

Apple's Ive a Real 'Mac Daddy' in Men's Journal

by , 11:30 AM EDT, August 3rd, 2004

Apple's chief product designer Jonathan Ive is described as a 'Mac Daddy' in the September issue of Men's Journal magazine. Mr. Ive is best known for many of the designs and shapes of Apple products ranging from the iPod to the original iMac.

Shown playing with a US$300 Apple iPod on page 88 and wearing a $30 T-shirt by clothing maker G Star, Mr. Ive is featured in the magazine's annual 'Style & Design', which focuses on new and innovative products ranging from cars to electronics and sporting goods.

In the article, Mr. Ive (seen below) criticized consumer electronics as not being innovative enough. "So many (electronics makers) are desperately waving their designer tails at us," he said with scorn. "It's a frantic search to create just another shape."

Mr. Ive described his design teams approach to creating new products as trying to "evolve and evolve a product until the inevitability of it almost appears undesigned."

Born in London in 1967, Mr. Ive, 37, studied art and design at Newcastle Polytechnic before co-founding Tangerine, a design consultancy where he developed everything from power tools to televisions. In 1992 joined Apple and worked closely with CEO Steve Jobs to create the original, multi-colored iMac. He went on to design the current iBook, PowerBook, flat-panel iMac, the iPod, iPod mini, and the entire line of Power Mac towers, to name just a few.

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