Apple Offers iCal Olympics Calendars

by , 9:00 AM EDT, August 19th, 2004

With the Olympics in full swing at Athens, MGarvey wrote to point out that Apple was offering iCal calendars for the full Olympic schedule. Each Olympic iCal calendar has start and ending times for each event, and the different categories are color-coded to be easier to visually sort.

iCal is Apple's calendar app that can take calendars from the Internet for just about anything. iCal calendars can be loaded onto iPods, and iCal itself can be set to send e-mail notices to remind you of important events in your calendar.

Apple's list of Olympic calendars are broken down into 27 different categories (simply click the links to download and install a calendar):

Olympic Sports


You can find the Olympic list at Apple's iCal library, or use the links above. You can also find more iCal calendars at iCalShare. Thanks to Observer MGarvey for the heads up.