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HP Officially Unveils "Apple iPod from HP"

HP Officially Unveils "Apple iPod from HP"

by , 12:15 PM EDT, August 27th, 2004

HP officially unveiled what it is calling "Apple iPod from HP," the first (more or less) non-Apple iPod licensed by Apple. Announced in January, HP's foray into the music player business is effectively the same product sold by Apple, including the Apple logo. The company is offering two models, the 20 GB and 40 GB units, which will retail for US$299 and $399 respectively, the same price Apple charges.

Apple iPod from HP is available now through HP's The company will also have its products in Circuit City, CompUSA, Best Buy, Office Depot, Staples, Radio Shack, Fry's, and Costco, some of which also offer the Apple-branded iPod.

Apple iPod from HP at

HP has also introduced a new section of its Web site called HP Digital Music. The Flash-based site is the vehicle for HP iPod information, as well as iTunes downloads. HP is promoting iTunes and the iTunes Music Store as part of the iPod licensing deal.

The new iPod was announced as part of a broader lineup of consumer electronics products, including several new printers. LCD and plasma TVs, a Windows Media Center add-on called the HP Media Center Extender, a projector, a new Windows laptop. To help promote the entire affair, HP is sponsoring the MTV Video Music Awards, and is launching a campaign called "YOU Are Your Music."

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